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Photography: Summer Beauty Remembered (Part 02)

Again, it helps to reminisce.  It is rather hard to not be able to go outdoors these days.  We’ve tried going to regular walking parks and the paths are much too narrow.  We’ve tried going to different paths and many still do not take the current situation with Coronavirus seriously – they purposefully walk closer to you than they need to just because they can.  So, we often go walking in the evening here now and walk around our neighborhood when no one else is around.  It’s late.  It’s quiet and yes, it’s dark.  So, not much possibility for photography.  Instead, I shall peruse the gardens on my computer – and for those who are unable to get out themselves, I shall share a few photos with you here, in the hopes that they will bring a smile.


Thinking of you…



IMG_1152 (2)


IMG_1185 (2)


IMG_1292a (2)


IMG_1452 (2)


IMG_1520 (2)


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7 thoughts on “Photography: Summer Beauty Remembered (Part 02)

  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely images!!

    Evening’s not the best time to stop and smell the roses (their pollinators have tucked up in bed so there’s no point in sending out scent) but if you stumble across some nicotiana or brugmansia after sunset, the scents will fill the whole street!!



    1. Yes, we have even walked past some Jasmine that was fabulous. I miss walking during daylight, but this is our best option right now. Still, we have to make the most of the beauty we have – and my, we have had some glorious skies at night with a brilliant glowing moon. So much to be thankful for!


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