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Sleep, My Little One, a poem

I know I can’t speak for every mother, but even as my children grow up – I still carry with me the thought that they are still my babies.  I don’t think that will ever change.  It’s not to say that I don’t recognize the many ways in which they have grown, but I feel an overwhelming bond between them and I.


In so many ways I have grown as a person since being a mother – and I think, because of them, I have improved as a person and I also see things more clearly now than I did when I was younger.  So truthfully, I cannot say who has the better deal – them, or me.  And perhaps the truth just is – we are fortunate to have each other.


Perhaps that is the lesson that is learned and we should think of this.  No matter who comes into our lives, even if it is for the tiniest of moments – we are blessed by each other’s presence.  We need to show more thankfulness and we need to stop being afraid of seeming vulnerable by saying it out loud.  I am blessed by your presence.


And for those of you I have met on this journey – whether we have never truly spoken or if we have spoken often – I am thankful for your presence.  I hope, that in some small way, we can be a blessing to one another.  I am grateful you are here.


Here is a poem I have written for my youngest daughter.  The world can seem a bit overwhelming these days, and perhaps we don’t realize how hard it can be on the younger people in our lives.  Remember to reach out to them and assure them.  They need us right now, and perhaps we need them too.




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Sleep, My Little One


Sleep, my little one,
Sleep and know
that you
are my one and only,
even though
I have three more.
My heart is big enough
for the entire world
and yet
it is like you are
my universe,
my sun,
when I look
into your eyes.
that as much
as you need me,
I am in your debt,
for you have
taught me
the ways
of love,
and gentleness.
You have shown me
the importance
of finding purpose
in each step
and singing
my own song
as you find
your own voice.
When you are down,
I shall lift you up,
even if you desire
to reach the stars.
Sleep, my little one,
and know –
I am blessed
by your presence.

© Sumyanna 2020


Image by Christian Abella from Pixabay


Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

13 thoughts on “Sleep, My Little One, a poem

    1. Thank you so much. My little one is struggling with her feelings lately because of everything going on, being stuck inside. Perhaps, like me – she feels rejuvenated by being out in nature, but we can only walk in the evenings to stay safer because many people walk and don’t care about masks or distancing. I know she will get through this, but it has been hard for her and it is not easy trying to help her navigate her way through something I have never been through myself.

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      1. The poor thing, it is pretty much impossible to know how to cushion the news of what is going on in a way that won’t scare them, but they are still aware of the danger involved. I guess we all learn as we go.


        1. So true. It has been hard on everyone, I’m sure – but I don’t know if everyone is aware how the kids are doing through all of this. They keep up appearances, but they may be struggling, especially if they know their parents are worried about health, finances, etc. I am sure they will be okay, but hope that their journey is less painful through all of this. This is definitely unchartered territory.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you – and thank you for the edit. I skipped right over that one 🙂 You both are definitely making a difference in the world – by your presence and your kindness. So glad you are a part of my world.


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