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Garden Daydreams: Never Alone, a poem

As I mentioned recently, I am going to take some time to listen to the flowers I have photographed.  I am going to try to learn their story, at least what it speaks to my heart.  It may be in the way the image looks, the tilt of the flower, the bend of the petals… but these images speak to me – and I guess that is why I took the photograph to begin with.  I was entranced by their tale.  So, here is another poem in the series “Garden Daydreams” – my attempt to listen.



Never Alone


Sometimes, I feel
that I am
all alone
in the wilderness
of my thoughts
but then,
I feel the earth
with other voices
some loud, some soft
some uncertain and afraid
and I know,
though there be
distance between us,
our hearts beat the same,
we share one breath,
the same sky,
and it
Though the days
may stretch out
long before us
though our
solitary activities
may relegate us
to stay
within our own gardens
know that, in truth
we never grow alone.


© Sumyanna 2020


Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

5 thoughts on “Garden Daydreams: Never Alone, a poem

    1. Thank you ever so much – I am so glad that you are here. Writing has made things ever so much easier on me during these crazy times. I just hope I can continue to take the time for me that I so dearly need. I have missed it a lot.


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