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Photography: Summer Beauty Remembered (Part 04)

I am continuing to look through some of the photos I took last summer since I never posted them.  For me, it is like walking through the gardens all over again – even though it isn’t possible at this time.  I am sure the gardens are open, but in many natural getaways in our state, they end up being overrun by people trying to get away from it all.  So, I stay at home.


I know this won’t last for ever – and at some point, my camera and I will be able to traipse through the gardens again.  Who knows, perhaps in this time of not being able to do things it will cause us all to be a little more grateful when we can.  In the meantime, we still walk in the evenings when everyone is inside and I peruse my garden pictures during the day, while making sure to take plenty of time to spend with the little munchkins (or not so little) that I call my kiddos.  We need to remind ourselves that not everything is always perfect… but we should try to focus on what we do have, instead of what we don’t.  What we don’t have will come in time and soon enough, we will forget what it felt like to miss them so very much.


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5 thoughts on “Photography: Summer Beauty Remembered (Part 04)

  1. Understand this: Plants connect with each other in many ways, but the most profound way they connect is through their roots. Plants in the earth are always connected, but plants in pots are separated from each other. In those cases, we have to be the bridge for them. We connect their roots, and it strngthens our own. 🌻



    1. Makes me feel sad for the ones in a lonely pot. So funny how your perspective changes. I am hoping in a year or so to start a garden in the backyard. Hoping to give back and enjoy the rewards.


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