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Garden Daydreams: However Small, a poem

Here is another poem, inspired by my own photographs.  I’ve missed the gardens ever so much, but I am grateful to relive my steps in seasons past either way.  I don’t know if flowers whisper to you too, but this is the tale I heard…  I hope you enjoy.




However Small


Morning song

fills the prairie,

sparrow and meadowlark,



full-throated melody

whispering in the wind

as the grasses sway

to support their song.

You hear

the gentle rush

of waters,

gently lapping over rocks,

seeking the familiar path

paved through years

of trying

and here,

in the tranquil reverie

of summer’s morning

I contemplate

my purpose.


I want to shout out

I am here!

I am here!

although I may be

often overlooked.

I am but

one small flower

on one small tree

in a garden

full of beauty

but I weep

in the promise

that my presence

makes a difference

and my beauty adds

to the gorgeous landscape,

no matter how small

I might be.


© Sumyanna 2020



Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

7 thoughts on “Garden Daydreams: However Small, a poem

    1. I wasn’t sure about the change in blog format – but the old format was changed to a paid version so they weren’t supporting it anymore. I think it makes it a bit more personal. Have missed you bunches – and I’m on my way back.


  1. Everyone wants to see the BIG things… from giant alliums to redwoods to blue whales… But the simple truth is that all of that is upheld and supported by the tiniest things, some so small they can’t even be seen by us. All of it is necessary, and all of it is beautiful.


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