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Photography: Beauty Among the Weeds

Sometime last year we were stuck at home and I wanted to practice taking pictures. I figured not much would come of it, but I went to the backyard and took pictures of the weeds growing. I was surprised to find that these weeds were much more intricate than I had ever imagined, and it gave me a whole new appreciation for them and their beauty.


Perhaps you are one of those who pulls these buggers the first chance you see them, tearing them out as quickly as they grow in. At this time, my 9 year old son truly appreciates them.  Whenever he gets a chance, he “picks me a flower” and gives it to me as a gift.  He thinks they are beautiful and to other people’s chagrin, he loves to blow the seeds all over where he found them. I must admit, when I was his age, there was nothing more enjoyable than blowing them and seeing them take flight in the warm summer breeze.


Either way, perhaps it is a good time for us to start seeing things differently, appreciating even the little things around us. When we are willing to look at things differently, we never know what we may find…


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7 thoughts on “Photography: Beauty Among the Weeds

  1. This is a lovely post, and I really like how your son appreciates nature, and what are weeds to others are wonders to him. As humans we like to label things, weeds are just flowers which grow in places people don’t want them, too, but they still hold beauty and a magic of their very own.

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    1. Yes, he is quite like his momma that way. He takes nothing for granted. I have actually found that often, when photographing flowers in the wild, that they have much more personality than those grown in rows as the gardens. Odd, isn’t it?

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