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A Walk Through the Garden is Just What I Need (Post #2)

I know that everyone’s perspective is different. For some, perhaps, a garden is often manicured rows, low growing grasses, and paved pathways. Perhaps it has been the blessing of isolation these days that my idea of gardens has expanded, but truthfully – I remember hovering over dandelions and other flowers considered weeds and reveling in their beauty. Of course, if I had a chance – I’d love to visit the gardens – I have been itching to get out! I guess it is just a change in perspective. Since I started taking photos, I have begun to realize the beauty in everyday things that we often overlook.

I was telling someone the other day how much I love taking pictures of wildflowers. First of all, the places you find them here in Colorado are breathtaking on their own. I drive my husband incessantly crazy because while we are supposed to be hiking. I’m stopping to admire every tree, rock, and wildflower. It doesn’t help that we have four children that have also developed the practice. It is a miracle we ever make it to the trail’s end! We compromise – I shoot a few pictures – and promise I won’t take the camera next time 🙂

The thing is – with wildflowers, I feel that more of their personality shows through in the photograph. I don’t know – perhaps it is just the photographer putting their own feelings into the images, but I feel there is a lot more soul in the photos I have taken along long winding paths in the mountains, on the side of a walking trail in the local park where wild vegetation grows with abandon, or even in our own backyard – where many a gardener would sight them and pull them.

Whatever the “proper” viewpoint is, I don’t know – but I’ve decided to include these photos that we took last year on the walking path in our local state park as a Walk Through the Gardens Post.

Last year, it was glorious. The kids and I would pack up every morning and going walking on the path for 4 miles and then head back home to do school. On the path, we’d listen to birds, photograph wildflowers on the path, and sit by the rushing stream and just talk. I miss those days and I look forward to the time we can do it again soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy the view…



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6 thoughts on “A Walk Through the Garden is Just What I Need (Post #2)

  1. And a lovely view it is. A few years ago Marcia and I visited Portland (OR, not ME) and once place we went to see was the Portland Japanese Garden. Someone ahead of us asked at the ticket booth how long it would take to tour the garden and the answer was about 1½ hours. It took us 45 minutes to get from the road to the gate. We were there about four hours.

    If you ever get the chance, read “Rediscovery” by Thom Henley.


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    1. You sound just like me 🙂 When we go to the gardens, we always spend at least an hour at the entrance before you go in. I can’t help myself 🙂 I will have to look that one up. Thank you!

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