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Photography: Mountain Reflections (Post #1)

For a year or so now, we have gone on vacation in the mountains. We are not your average tourists – you see, we prefer to go to California in the winter and we go to the mountains in the summer.

Winter in California can still sometimes be on the cooler side, but nothing like here. We like winter better simply because everything is not so packed with tourists. You get to enjoy the beach – and believe it or not, sometimes you actually seem to have the whole beach to yourself. We enjoy the simple things – like collecting shells, watching life in the tidepools, and enjoying the evening sunsets. And, I might add – that there is still life there in winter. While in Colorado everything has gone to sleep, flowers still burst with life and add so much to the landscape in California. So yes, one of my favorite places to go while there are the gardens.

Summer in the mountains is equally as glorious. We have especially enjoyed staying in Snowmass. While there still may be some tourists, most have packed up their skis and left. We wake up every morning, eat breakfast and then head out for a day-long hike. We return to make dinner and after dinner, a nice walk on the path in town. The entire week is like that and I can’t say how enjoyable it is to spend so much time in nature.

So yes, I’m not as much of a big city girl. I enjoy the paths less taken – and definitely a lot quieter ones. Oddly enough, I never got a chance to share any of my photos from when we were in the mountains. I think part of it might be that there were so many photos taken, it was hard to decide which ones to share.

So today, I will share with you pictures from our last trip. It didn’t start out as planned – but has quickly become one of my favorite vacations. You know – car breaks down, you eventually get to the apartment to find they never left you the key, etc., etc. Not exactly our normal fare – but it turned out better than expected and I can’t wait till we can get back there again.

Here is the view we often woke up with. We were settled at the top of the mountain. While my husband was still getting ready, the kids and I would walk the trail next to and above the apartment. We’d talk, take pictures, and the kids loved climbing an huge iceberg that was left over from winter. It was shaded by the trees so it just sat there, slowly melting.

This was the view beyond us. We did not walk up all the way though, as it was much colder there and – while we were hiking one day, we spotted fresh bear prints in the mud. We already had a notice to be on the lookout for a bear that was spotted hanging out near the apartments. We did not need to be told twice. We quickly returned home and made dinner 🙂

While we stayed in Snowmass, we actually took a more relaxed approach. The kids had come down with a bit of a cold on top of everything else, so we walked some but we did not hike as much as we have in the past. It was actually really nice to be able to enjoy a more relaxed trip – though I would have preferred watching less Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives than the kids wanted. Believe it or not, we don’t have tv – so the kiddos get to enjoy more Food Network than ever while on vacation. They are all foodies.

One of the sad things, but equally beautiful things we saw on our trip were the foxes. They were definitely beautiful creatures, but it was sad because it was rather apparent that they had come to rely on people for food. Each morning I would open the curtains in the apartment to find them standing in front of the door, begging for food. Each evening when we cooked dinner, they would smell it and return. We never fed them and they didn’t seem to be overly bothered with that fact. They still came, I guess – in hope. They just laid in the grass in front of the apartment and looked longingly at us.

I was able to take a few shots of them over the days that they visited.


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12 thoughts on “Photography: Mountain Reflections (Post #1)

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip! Foxes are highly intelligent and curious creatures, but hand-feeding wildlife is Never a good idea. It creates dependence, as you know, and sometimes animals can become aggressive – ducks to bears… 🐻 Bears especially only have a few months each year to regain weight lost from hibernation and to put on weight for the coming year. Sows especially are eating for 1-3 young-uns as well.

    The biggest problem with all of this is the humans who don’t understand animal behaviour and don’tcrespect animals’ boundaries. No, you cannot pet the 2000-lb bison. It is not a toy. 🙂

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    1. I completely agree. People do it all the time though. It’s sad because at some point the animals no longer use their proper instincts. Instead of hunting for food in the forest, these foxes spent all the time roaming the apartments looking for someone to give them food. The thing is, hardly anyone was around.

      We did enjoy the trip though and glad we didn’t run into that bear. Our apartment was on the ground floor.

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      1. Keep your wits about you, treat the bear with respect/deference, don’t carry food with you and you’ll most likely be fine. To other species, humans mostly mean either trouble or a source of food. Often both, so they try not to seek us out.

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        1. We’ve had a previous experience with a bear and her cub. We didn’t bring any special attention to ourselves and moved on down the path. She was a bit further away from us, but we were not unaware that she could easily get to us pretty quickly. We’ve been on trails with Bear, mountain lion, elk, moose, mountain goats, marmot, a porcupine and probably man others that I have forgotten. We try our best to leave the animals right were they belong 🙂


    1. No. I normally wouldn’t just sit there and take pictures. I was sitting on the porch when they arrived and took me by surprise. They just sat there and watched. I had a stick with me because we just returned from a hike. I would have used it to defend myself if I needed, but they were well behaved.

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