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Portrait Poetry Series #81: Not Knowing is Killing Me

Here’s another poem from the Portrait Poetry Series.

For those who haven’t read form this series in the past, here’s an explanation:

I love writing prompts – whether a list of words, one word, or even an image. With these posts, I have written poems specifically about paintings and I hope, with my words, you see the scene just as visibly with your heart and mind as if you had seen the image itself.

I hope you enjoy this one!

Not Knowing, Is Killing Me

This morning,

she woke up crying

He laid next to her in bed

held her close

and allowed her

to express her sorrow.


all we choose to do

is hide our fears

disguise our pain

but he knew she needed

to learn to let go

to trust

to know –

that sometimes, we just

have no choice

but to breathe

even when it is difficult

to cry

even though the torment

in your chest

is tearing you apart

for you have no choice.

Last year,

at the hospital –

she learned she had

an incurable disease

and each day forward

is one they told her

would not be possible

but it tears you down daily

the constant worry

will this be it?

will this be the last day

I hold my husband close?

the last day

I hold my child’s hand

as she learns to walk

and what comes after?

Will I be remembered

or will I slowly fade

from their everyday vocabulary?

Will I even be missed?

and she knows that letting go

is not getting any easier

as each day passes.

What should be celebrated,

each and every day

past her declared demise,

instead haunts her…

if not now,

then when?

© Sumyanna 2017


Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

4 thoughts on “Portrait Poetry Series #81: Not Knowing is Killing Me

  1. This was beautifully written! It reminds me of my boyfriend’s brother-in-law who was just diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer… I am at such a loss as what to say to him and his wife. They have three adorable grandchildren that are going to miss him so much, not to mention his kids and step kids. Such a tender moment you captured in this poem.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. Four years ago today my dad passed away. It was relatively quick and relatively painless. He was several thousand km away but we got 5o talk with him on the phone, let him know he is loved. He is remembered by All who loved him.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. So sorry to hear of your loss. I think I have always had a different perspective because my family has not really been loving from the start. When someone comes into my life that when they are gone, they are truly missed – I feel that it is such a blessing to have had them in my life for however long they have been there. I feel this is the main gift we can leave behind. He must have been an amazing man and a wonderful father. He is blessed that he left behind a son that still remembers.

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