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You, My Dear – Are Worthy (a poem)


my dear –

are worthy.

It matters not

if everyone sees it.

It is there –

inside you.


beautiful you.

The way you cry

at others’ misfortune,

the way you always

burst forth,

wishing you could

right all the wrongs

heal all the wounds

befriend the friendless

and in courage –

say all the things

that need to be said,

without fear

of people seeing

who you really are.

It’s not shame

for all your gifts

that you should be wearing.

You should never

hang down your head

or lose faith

in what you believe in,

for it takes courage –

to weep

to struggle

to care

to be true

to try to find yourself

and still,

keep searching

and never give up

or give in

or let the naysayers

keep you down.


you shall never see

as they see,

and that’s okay

with me –


you need to fill

your own shoes

and no one else can.

You were made

distinctly you

for a reason.

© Sumyanna 2020


Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

4 thoughts on “You, My Dear – Are Worthy (a poem)

    1. I think it is hard for those who hear a different story while growing up – to feel that there is value. I mean, we may often know it, but our minds try to tell us it isn’t true 🙂 Fortunate to have the people I have in my life – including you – that remind me I should not listen to those voices. I feel bad for those who have suffered worse – as I know it is difficult for them as well. My writing is a way for us to remind ourselves of the truth.

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