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Our Gifts Matter

My son drew me a picture today. He’s nine, but he’s trying to learn digital art like his sisters. He watches them draw and is inspired to try his own. He watches them write and he does the same. It’s amazing how like little sponges they can be.

It’s simply amazing to me – watching them grow, feeling that despite being their parent, you are the one that has so much to learn. Or, perhaps – we are just growing together, learning as each moment passes. We share – and hopefully, we all come out the better for it. It’s just surprising though, how you can just light a spark of interest – and they take it so much further than you ever expected. If you are skilled in anything, they can so easily surpass you and do things you could never have imagined. In some areas you may know nothing – and they’ve become the expert. It’s actually nice to see them accomplish things on their own.

I guess, if there is anything I can say I have done, I’ve tried my best to give them an environment where they feel safe to fall. They feel safe to try things and if they don’t work out – they know they can try again. I never had that growing up, and I guess that’s why I’m often so uncertain about myself. I’m pretty sure that’s not a well-hidden secret 🙂 However, I’d like to look at my uncertainty as a gift, because I can teach them that their gifts matter. Perhaps if I didn’t know what was missing in my life while growing up – it wouldn’t be as important to me. And while I’m doing that for them, I can keep trying to build the courage to see that my gifts matter too.




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