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A Testament to What I Was (Fandango’s Flashback Friday) – a poem

Today, as part of Fandango’s Flashback Friday, we are supposed to repost something we posted last year on this same day. As many of you know me – I took off for a year or so (posting sporadically) in order to focus more time and attention while homeschooling the kids. Now, two of them are already going to be taking full college courses next semester. The older of the younger two – now, more often than not, does not need my help, and my youngest is already saying, “I can figure it out by myself!”

I know that this is a good thing – I’ve put my desires and dreams aside for 15 years while homeschooling. This is their time to grow a bit on their own (with a bit of help, when needed) and it is a time for me to start fitting in those things I have long desired to do. I’m still not used to having free time, so this is a learning process. I want to learn more about photography, I want to write more to settle my heart, I want to reach out more artistically, and I want to do things like focus on exercise, mindfulness, and learning other new things. I will not run out of things to do, I promise! I’ve grown quite a list.

I have been blogging for a while now – so I just went back as far as I had to – to find a post in October and while not on the 23rd, it is close enough. Funny to see the closest post I could find from October was posted on October 17, 2017. I was surprised by how much time had gone by – then I realized that I started this blog in 2016 and the blog before that, was started in 2014. Phew – it’s been a while (so glad I did not give up).

The following poem was written – as many of my poems are – because I was inspired by a photograph I had taken. This beautiful flower inspired these words – it gave me a moment to reflect on the impermanence of life but also the importance of leaving something of value behind. To be remembered is a gift. I truly believe that. I hope you enjoy!

A Testament to What I Was, a poem

I am a testament

to what I was

in the days of my youth

strong, firm, and resolute.

I grew beneath

the shade of trees

basked in the warm glow

of the sun

and treasured the silence

allowing the breeze

to touch my skin

to hear the sigh

of the wind

and I continued

to stretch

to strive

to reach

the promise

of my potential.


wept at my feet,

as the sun

lit my tresses on fire

as the breeze

grasped me in its arms

in a furious dance

and as the shade

of another passing day

drew shadows in my footsteps.

I have lived

way beyond

my youthful display of courage

and now the winter

of my life is near

the moments when

I begin to realize

my purpose

is to leave behind

the best of myself

so that others may grow

to leave behind

a message

that beauty

is all-encompassing

in every passing moment,

whether we are holding on

or letting go.

I shall never say

goodbyes are not

filled with sorrow

but I know

you shall remember me

by what I leave behind –


to be cherished

and a legacy

whose existence

required my presence.

© Sumyanna 2017



Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

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