I’m a writer, a wife, a mother – and a lover of life.
Hoping to leave a beautiful trail behind me.
When I am not writing here, you can find me on my other blog:
http://www.butterflykisseswatermelonwishes.wordpress.comYou can also find many of my children’s stories and poems here:

My main job is mother and wife.  Let’s not discuss the dish washing, cooking, and all that fun.  I homeschool my children full-time and this takes most of my energy.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I want to be a positive influence on them and I like that we can grow and learn together as a family.  Besides, doesn’t everyone love teaching Algebra and Geometry?

Writing is my passion.  No matter how other things in life can distract me – no matter how hard I try to suppress the words – my heart lives and breathes for poetry.  I haven’t written in years and have only started writing recently.  It is amazing to see how life experiences influences your poetry.  It is not that I always write what I live – but my experiences and feelings give life to the poem.  I guess growing old(er) isn’t as bad as everyone thought 🙂

I feel that my purpose in life is to tread paths others may not have gone.  Find beauty there – and then share it with others.  I do not want to leave this earth without making it a better place before I go.  Truly – I care.  I care deeply and I want to share.  I don’t know if it is enough to heal the world – but darn it if I won’t at least try:-)

I hope you enjoy my poetry – my inspirational quotes – and photography.  I hope you don’t mind my random thoughts and musings.  Above all – I hope that in some way you will be touched by being here.


~ Sumyanna