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Reverse Tetradecanet: Love, Mystify Me




Mystify me

Blend my edges

With only his soul

So that none can discern

Where he begins – where I end.

Make us of one heart, harmonized beating

May I feel his pulse within my veins

And when he exhales, let me take my breath

So that I may quench my thirst of his love

Finding rest and comfort when we can speak in similar tongue

The same stories lain between our chests, cherished at the moment written

And similarly cherished, as each day grows long – we hold them in remembrance

I am blessed he has built his foundation beneath the eaves of my heart.


(c) Sumyanna 2017


What is a Tetradecanet? It is a poem form that I made up to create fourteen line poems that are not rhyming.  The poem starts with one word and each line continues to add a word until you have the fourteenth line with fourteen words.