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No Matter the Stage, We are Never Irrelevant




In the autumn sunshine,

wind whistles

through the eaves of trees

and leaves continue

their lusty dance

full of life and longing.

You can hear them rattle

against graying branches

until at last,

they are set free.

They wander the hillside

in masses

twirling, twisting

and writhing upon the wind.

They caress the dark patches

of grassless earth

they cling to the wild grasses

the mended fences

and they find themselves

once again

loosely organized

in picturesque patterns

beneath the very tree

that bore them.

There is a cycle here,

a heartfelt longing

to embrace their purpose

no matter their stage

for when they grow –

they grow and stretch

as if life will never end

and the thought escapes them

that as days pass –

so to, do their breaths of existence.

Time passes and they cling tight

fearing the release

but looking forward

to the freedom of flight.

Between the gasps of wind

they contemplate

the fall,

their purpose,

perhaps now changed.

As they quiver,

they admire the dance

they see

the long stretch of trees

now leaning against

the weight

of heavy breaths

they witness

the letting go of fear

the acceptance of change

and they realize

that nothing

goes unnoticed

and nothing

is irrelevant.


© Sumyanna 2017


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: irrelevant

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Fallen corpses on an autumn landscape




You have shed

your many-colored tears

across the aching autumn landscape.

The winds have blown

their mighty winds

and even you,

have succumbed to death.

My world is littered with it –

the impermanence of your beauty

the strewn leaves of yesterday

like fallen corpses

that crunch beneath my feet.

Will I remember

Your silent shade?

The shadows play

Beneath your yawning reach?

I know –

and I hope

for your gentle return.

I have learned that

growth is this –

the painful peeling

of layer by layer

where who we are

is slowly replaced

by something new.

But should we be

careful in our gaze,

we shall recognize

ourselves there –

me beneath your shade

in the stolen moments of silence

I witness you grow

and I admire your persistent reach.


(c) Sumyanna 2016





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Autumn’s Remains, A Poem

I have a beautiful friend, Seema, seemingly a world away.  I guess that’s the beauty of social media.   She requested that I write about what I think about when I envision Autumn.  It has been on my mind a lot lately – the beautiful golden colors, the deep red hues of others are testament to this season’s beauty.  To read her take on the beauty of the season, you can read her post here:


Drifting Contemplations: Fall Micropoetry


Autumn’s Remains


I feel Autumn’s remains

Of sunlight on my back

And the cold crawl

Of shadows

Of yesterday’s promise.

Soon –

It will be time to let go

To seek deeper meaning

Than this branch

And this tree.

What is meant for me?

I do not know

But I do expect

It to be glorious.

A day has not passed

That I was not thankful

For that moment,

I was alive

In every exhaled breath,

In every breath taken in.

Sometimes, it is courageous

To not see what is left behind,

To gather all your sorrows

But to seek out meaning

In the prospect of a brand new day

And all that it shall bring.


© Sumyanna 2016

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Autumn Has Left Its Mark, A Poem


has left its mark

upon the horizon

where golden leaves

dance across fences.

In the wind,

They whirl and churn

in their ecstatic dance

for this is the wild abandon

of final release.

What’s done

Is done

So why not enjoy

The beauty that you reap.

The wind swirls

and then pauses


The leaves flail in her absence

No longer held in rapturous embrace,

They slumber, tumble, and fall

Some, get caught

mid-flight in fences

where cold steel grips tight

the wind picks up

and others continue the dance

until there is nothing left.

No sorrow

No song of sadness

They all are gone

But no one wept.

They leapt to their deaths

Willingly, longingly

And accepted their fate

And sometime soon,

They shall rise again

Nourishing the land

Beneath our feet

And before we know it –

It will be time again

For that final leap.


© Sumyanna 2016