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Beauty Suffers in Silence, a poem



I spotted this image in my folder this morning and reminisced on our last visit to the gardens.  While I was able to get the two youngest finished with school three weeks early (yes, I was desperate for a break), the two older kiddos are still slaving away.  I so long for a quiet day in the gardens, the fresh air, the silence… So this image brought these words today.  For some reason, she had a story to tell…


Beauty Suffers in Silence



Beauty suffers in silence

For though, unique –

She wonders

Am I enough?

Yet still, she lingers

In the sighs

Of summer morning

She is aware

Of the stillness…

The breath

Of morning sky

Intermingling with her own

And the world –

Her world,

Is an unending dance

Of color,

Beneath a gentle breeze.

Though uncertain,


She exhales beauty

In every breath,

Even though

Many will not see it.


© Sumyanna 2018



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Beauty Lingers, a poem



My dear friend, Nadia, requested that I write for this image.  She knows I find stories there, hidden in the spaces between images, sometimes in the shadows and other times in a ray of light.  If you open your eyes widely, perhaps you will see it too…


Beauty Lingers

I had lost
my footsteps
in mourning
and upon the rise
of morning sun,
my eyes opened wide
and I could see –
the possibility
that lingers
in every breath.
It does not matter
that I am worn,
nor that my tears
have heartlessly
been torn
from my heart,
I believe
in the beauty
that’s woven
beneath my skin.
And as long as I
am able to stand,
I shall stand
with confidence
and sing
of the beauty
that’s laid
its weary head
upon my chest.

© Sumyanna 2018

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The Peculiar Scent of My Ways, a poem



I want you to taste

the peculiar scent of my ways

they way the sun’s rays

shine beneath my wings

I cannot fly

I cannot fly

No, I cannot fly

but my beauty soars

from the tips of my fragile petals

opened and welcoming

to sway among the breeze

to tease

to please the senses

for this is me

beauty’s last whisper

before autumn’s descent

I may linger

I may linger

I may linger a while longer

perhaps to touch

the hearts of men

whose souls crave

my delicate touch

whose hearts desire

my gentle scent

and whose grayer days

require the resuscitation

of nature’s resplendent beauty

in all her colorful display.


© Sumyanna 2017


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: Peculiar




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I Heard You Sigh, a poem

IMG_6253 (2)


Raise your petals,
gentle beauty
drink in the sun
on a lovely, spring afternoon
and perhaps later,
you shall taste the freshness
of tantalizing rain.
I shall linger here –
for a moment,
the lines
the curves
the beauty of your face.
I shall leave not,
a trace untouched.
As you sit upon your branch
unassuming –
the delicate, woven fibers
of your being
have sung loudly to my heart
and even though I
shall eventually lose you
to winter’s kiss,
I shall always remember
these moments I lingered
with bated breath
and heard you sigh.

(c) Sumyanna 2017

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Beneath the Muted Leaves of Autumn, A Poem


I am the bud

on the edge of winter

too late to grow

and early snow

is outside threatening.

It is not that I

am willing

to surrender –

for though the days

are colder,

I must strive

to carry on,

fulfill my purpose

to arise in splendor.

Life is an opportunity

to rise

or to fail to rise

and I never would have foreseen,

winter was delayed

and it was my chance

to thrive, beneath

the muted leaves

of Autumn.


© Sumyanna 2016


Beautiful image courtesy of Morguefile (kfjmiller)