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Take the Time to Breathe, a poem


Have you felt
The rush of color
Fill your cheeks
The hot breath
Of summer sun
Upon your neck
Sweat trickles
And finds the curves
A wet trace
Beneath your hairline
Have you felt
The fingertips
Of gentle breeze
That soothes your skin
Beneath the shade of trees
Whose brilliant canopy
Rises toward the heavens
And leans in, gentle
Sloping roofs
Of lush green
Bold and beautiful
Like a peacock
Under the outstretched sky
Have you ever
Felt the glory
Of the morning sunrise
Or the dainty bow
Of the setting sun
Wild and resilient
Tame and gentle
Repose beneath the layers
Of colors luminescent
Sleep within the sounds
Soothing to the soul
Take the time
Before it’s too late
Take the time
To breathe.

© Sumyanna 2016


Submitted for The Daily Post Prompt: tame

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Learning to Find Myself in the Silence, a poem



I have ridden

the sheltered sound of silence

draped myself

in the cloak of solace

washed my feet

in the shores

of thoughtful contemplation

and I have come into myself –

a little more.

I have come to find

my thoughts

a little less muddled

perhaps unpressured,

by the sands of time dripping

and the thoughtless dash

from one hurried task

to the next

I have rested my soul,

found new goals,

and polished others.

There is something

to be cherished

in the sound of one’s thoughts

often burdened by the noise

droned out

and drowning

where you no longer can afford

to tune yourself in

for life requires

that constant push forward

but we crave that silence still.

Or perhaps it is just me,

longing to be romanced

by that lilting tune

so I can contemplate the purpose

that rides beneath my veins

and I can adjust my sails

to bring me back home.


© Sumyanna 2017


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I Don’t Want to Meddle in Your Affairs, a poem

meddle (2)


I don’t want to meddle

in your affairs

but I can’t help

seeing you there

sitting alone

near the ocean

fighting back tears.

I want to ask

are you okay, or

is there anything you need

but I worry my intrusion

will only make you feel worse.

I know not

what troubles your heart

and yes,

I don’t even know your name

but if there is any truth that exists

I can say that I’ve known pain.

I’ve had tears stream down my cheeks

I’ve sat alone and afraid

it does not matter

their cause –

but I hope it matters

that you are not alone

and as odd as it is – I care.

Were it okay,

I would sit beside you

and hold you in my arms

I would love to tell you

that someday,

everything will be okay

just wait and see,

but sometimes I struggle

to say the words

for fear they will go unaccepted.

I feel you –

I feel for you

and no matter what

I cannot allow my fears

keep me silenced.

I am here –

I am here for you

it does not matter

if I don’t know your name

just know that you’re not alone.


© Sumyanna 2017


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: meddle

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