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Take the Time to Breathe, a poem


Have you felt
The rush of color
Fill your cheeks
The hot breath
Of summer sun
Upon your neck
Sweat trickles
And finds the curves
A wet trace
Beneath your hairline
Have you felt
The fingertips
Of gentle breeze
That soothes your skin
Beneath the shade of trees
Whose brilliant canopy
Rises toward the heavens
And leans in, gentle
Sloping roofs
Of lush green
Bold and beautiful
Like a peacock
Under the outstretched sky
Have you ever
Felt the glory
Of the morning sunrise
Or the dainty bow
Of the setting sun
Wild and resilient
Tame and gentle
Repose beneath the layers
Of colors luminescent
Sleep within the sounds
Soothing to the soul
Take the time
Before it’s too late
Take the time
To breathe.

© Sumyanna 2016


Submitted for The Daily Post Prompt: tame

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I Need to Feel Weightless, a poem



The wind

whisks me away

in a precarious dance

and I accept

robes flowing

ripple in the wind

and my arms

are open wide.

I need to feel


where the sorrows

of the world

won’t come

crashing down

where the rush

of waves

fill my

tranquil heart

with song

and I can find

my smile again

while dancing

in the rain.


(c) Sumyanna 2016


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I will not be Afraid, a poem



If anyone or anything
has ever taught me-
I have learned
to strive
beyond my reach
to grasp tight to my dreams.
It is not that
a helping hand sheltered
or that caring heart
shadowed my own,
I was alone
trying to find my way
but each time
I was knocked down
I got back up
and tried again
and though tears
gently streamed across my cheeks
and my soul begged surrender,
I knew that it was painful –
but I knew no other way.
We never recognize
the birth of resilience
the moments when
we have been forced
to carry too much
but we carry on
because giving up
is not within our veins.
No matter the sound
of the raging storms to come
nor the rushing waters deep
nor the silence that echoes
and suffocates my breath
I will not be afraid,
I will not be afraid –
to pursue my dreams.

© Sumyanna 2017


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: pursue

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Ponder Your Ways, a poem


I want to see stars
threaded through the night sky
unhindered by false light
or shadows.
Let us stand
beneath its majesty
bask in its glow
and bathe ourselves in the mystery
of its machination
and ponder our own.
Let us unravel who we are
strand by strand of DNA
unfurled unto the winds
draped across a cloudless sky
each impetus
each action
each feeling laid bare.
Here is where –
we should pause and reflect
to seek the amazement
of the invention of our breaths
and respect the beauty
of who we call I.
The wonder
dares to breathe
beneath the surface
but we always neglect it.
May we witness the splendor
in the inhaled breath –
and the slow exhale
of our dreams
and all those moments
in between –
never perfect,
but beautiful –
because true beauty speaks
beneath all the rhythm and rhyme.
It always has, you see…
and may we always strive
to add more beauty
to the artistry of our days.

(c) Sumyanna 2017

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Swinging Beneath the Moon, a poem


Swept up in sunset dreams,
the swing does sway beneath me
the light of the sun is lost
it now fades in the distance
and I can almost touch
with my toes –
wind in my hair
I swing
yes, I swing
high and fast
the color of the evening sky
swept upon my face
and the silence of the closing day,
save the persistent rub of rope against the tree
the sound of my breaths
and the gentle kiss of wind in my hair

seduces my soul.
I reach
yes, I reach
for the close of day,
beauty outstretched between my fingertips
toes pointed toward the sky
and if I’m careful,
I might just touch a falling star.

(c) Sumyanna 2016

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