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Portraits Poetry Series #75: Reflections

In case you haven’t been here before, I love writing prompts – whether a list of words, one word, or even an image. With these posts, I have written poems specifically about paintings and I hope, with my words, you see the scene just as visibly in your heart and mind as if you had seen the image itself.



She stared sadly into the mirror
Counting the lines across her face
Trying to rub them free
She looked into her own eyes
And wished their color a deeper blue
Her lips more full
Her skin exuding a more youthful glow.
He watched her there,
Sitting in front of the mirror
He noticed her
And she captured his attention
But she just stared into her own reflection
And got lost in her thoughts of imperfection.
In her face, he saw generous beauty
He remembered
The beauty she carried
When he first met her
But he was also keenly aware
That her beauty grew.
In her eyes, he has witnessed oceans
He has traced the sight of clouds
In her view.
He has seen her cry, full hearted
Lamenting the loss of a stranger
He has seen her blue-eyed smile
Upon holding his first child
He has seen her love for him
Blossom, reflecting in her stare
He has known no finer lips than hers
To have brushed his unshaven face
To have kissed the head of the child he calls his own
And when she speaks – he notices
The trace of a smile
And sometimes, the nervous biting of her lips
When she is uncertain and afraid.
There is beauty there – and he holds hope in his heart
That he will be the only one to ever notice.
Yes, she has changed over the years
And the growth he sees in her own face,
He sees in his own,
But he finds her all the more beautiful
For he has loved her ever since the moment
He first witnessed her smile
And had he any choice,
He would have loved her long before.

© Sumyanna 2017

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Still Beauty to be Found, a poem



I stand at water’s edge


for the welcoming sounds

of nature

the open-arm embrace

of vibrant sun

the unforgettable smell

of fertile earth and fir

It stirs within me

feelings of hope

feelings of home

and a song beneath my chest

starts to hum its melodic tune.

This is how I revive

I am reborn

each moment

I learn to stand still

to listen

to celebrate the waves

the sunsets

the cloudy skies

and the very earth

beneath my feet.

Away from the madness

of the world,

I am reassured

there is still beauty

to be found

in me

in others

and in the gifts

so often overlooked.



this is life’s lesson

in every aching inch

that goes unnoticed.


© Sumyanna 2017

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The Soul Lifts, a poem



The soul lifts
at the presence
of flight –
let me fly
let me fly
let me fly free too.
My feet no longer
desire to cling
to tangible things
instead, they seek
the lightness
of hollow frames
reverberating between
the rise and fall
of outstretched limbs
a song sung
in whispers of wind
the rustling of leaves
and the hope and promise
of a journey well spent
and a destination
that leads
to contented whisper.

© Sumyanna 2018

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You Never Lose Your Luster, a poem

If there is anything I could ever hope to tell you, it would be,

“Don’t doubt your value.  Be certain of it.”  Sumyanna



You Never Lose Your Luster


Let love

be whispers

set adrift

upon the wind.

I see you

I see you

and you are not


Let not

the chatter

of darkness fall

upon your ears,

nor let the years

of torment

wring deep

within your bones.

You –

yes, you

were meant

for more than this.

Your birth

upon this earth

a blessing, to be told

no matter if

the words were spoken.

Some truths

need not be uttered

to be sincere.

And those,

upon whom the task

to grow and mold befell –


in their ability

to see the beauty in you

but do you blame

the failure to see

on the view?

No matter

how worn

the jewels of yesteryear

have become,

they never lose

their luster

and the only lesson

that I have learned

is pity for those

who refused

to open their eyes.


© Sumyanna 2018


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Lessons in Spring, a poem



Her tears were


awash across the plains

where fields dwelled,

unplowed fortresses of earth

waiting for spring.

After the rains came,

the earth

gave birth to color:

fields of swaying

shades of green,

outstretched azure skies,

the golden sun

laying its gaze

on the elegance

of yellow, white,

and purple

wildflower displays

sighing beneath

the lazy tresses

of weeping willow trees.

The artistry here

is ablaze with

joie de vivre

the hunger present,

each element reaching

to outshine the next,

yet equally devoted

to providing

amble beauty

for mutual benefit.

All sing

with one purpose,

“I am beautiful –

because I am,

but moreso

because my beauty

amplifies your own.”


© Sumyanna 2017

Submitted for The Daily Post Prompt: elegance

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the past is just the past, a poem



The past
is just the past
I say…
don’t let the anger
wash over you,
to let the pain
ease its way
into your heart.
Is it not enough –
it once held
power over you?
For some things
we must learn
to let go.
Like the waters
continually washing
over the stone –
let the past
smooth your edges,
let it help you
forge your ways
in correctness
where injustice or pain
once stood
in your way.
Know that –
what happened
does not define you
nor confine you
to the turmoil
that other people
or situations
You can mourn
the past,
let the sorrows
from the recesses
of your eyes,
let it wrack your soul
with pain
or you can
get back up again
and decide to fight
for everything
you believe in,
let the sorrows
lay waste
at your feet,
and show
the world exactly
what you are made of.

© Sumyanna 2017

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Reverse Nonet: Hope Sprouted Wings



Wrote another Reverse Nonet.  I really love this type of poems, but rarely get a chance to write them.  I am going to have to remember to write them more often…


Hope Sprouted Wings



have wings

she whispered,

come see me fly

watch the breeze take me

lift me higher than dreams

come away with me darling,

trust yourself and learn to believe

though I was helpless, hope sprouted wings.


© Sumyanna 2017


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I walk this side of hunger, a poem



I tend to walk

this side of hunger –

a constant, fervent push

toward each last breath

as though it may be

my last.

Each touch

a moment held,

in warmth,

lingering in the conscious

then the subconscious

and later,

spilling upon the page

when the words are necessary.

The scent

of each moment sings.

Its commencement,

an aria

rippling beneath the breast

building in crescendo

and rising as a symphony

of moments


and feelings,

nothing forgotten


or misinterpreted

but held with delicate hand

every curve and line




and witnessed

and loved, yes loved

every single moment



© Sumyanna 2017


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Finding the Lessons, a poem

Contemplate (2)


The words wept

from the depths of her soul

swirling, churning

visualizations of angst,

lacing themselves

between the syllables.

She did not moan

she did not cry

but she expressed.

She laid bare

the feelings,

turning them in her fingers,

examining their crevices.

She tried to




and perhaps to delay

the onset  of further pain.

Lessons dangled there

in the silence

she listened to their voices,

contemplating their stories told.

Where would she go?

What should she do?

And how could she

plant her feet firmly

yet fly away still?

She could bereave

these moments,

cover herself in pain,

cover herself in shame

at all the mistakes

that lead to sadness,

but often here,

as well in times of joy,

there is room for growth.

To truly cherish

the breaths

and the gifts

of passing moments

she must understand

the blessings

she has in their presence

as well as the hardship

of finding the lessons

when life’s beauty

and gifts

are seemingly strained.


© Sumyannah 2017


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and then reclaim, a poem



I like to window shop

the length of my days,

to tarry in the moments

of crimson skylines,

rising blooms,

and the stirring scent

of forest silence,

for as long as I have

the gift to reflect,

I am rarely dismayed.

It matters not,

if coldness sets in,

nor if the stretch

of skylight

is hid beneath

graying shrouds,

I have not forgotten…

Even in the busy stir

of life in the city,

I still hear the birdsong

held within the forest

and in a moment’s rest,

I seek it out here,

in the song

of swooping blue jay,

cooing dove,

and woodpeckers perched

high up in the trees.

Their song

is reminiscent

of my own soul’s

longing to sing.

In winter, now,

I watch the horizon

slowly pale,

I see the outstretched,

naked limbs of trees

scratch across a naked sky,

praying for sun

and I feel

the absence of color,

the browning out

of pasture, field, and valley,

the withered leaves

of yesterday

beyond restoration.

I know

this is the cycle of things

the fleshing out nature’s breath

and even in these hindered moments,

beauty speaks.

It may require an open heart

and eyes to see

and perhaps some faith

in the recurring crawl

toward momentous birth

to have

to lose

and then reclaim.


© Sumyanna 2017


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