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The Soul Lifts, a poem



The soul lifts
at the presence
of flight –
let me fly
let me fly
let me fly free too.
My feet no longer
desire to cling
to tangible things
instead, they seek
the lightness
of hollow frames
reverberating between
the rise and fall
of outstretched limbs
a song sung
in whispers of wind
the rustling of leaves
and the hope and promise
of a journey well spent
and a destination
that leads
to contented whisper.

© Sumyanna 2018

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You Never Lose Your Luster, a poem

If there is anything I could ever hope to tell you, it would be,

“Don’t doubt your value.  Be certain of it.”  Sumyanna



You Never Lose Your Luster


Let love

be whispers

set adrift

upon the wind.

I see you

I see you

and you are not


Let not

the chatter

of darkness fall

upon your ears,

nor let the years

of torment

wring deep

within your bones.

You –

yes, you

were meant

for more than this.

Your birth

upon this earth

a blessing, to be told

no matter if

the words were spoken.

Some truths

need not be uttered

to be sincere.

And those,

upon whom the task

to grow and mold befell –


in their ability

to see the beauty in you

but do you blame

the failure to see

on the view?

No matter

how worn

the jewels of yesteryear

have become,

they never lose

their luster

and the only lesson

that I have learned

is pity for those

who refused

to open their eyes.


© Sumyanna 2018


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