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Portraits Poetry #54: Mona Lisa Smile

I guess there is no question which image prompted these words.  I was trying to find an image that would move me to write today, and this was what I came up with.  I hope you enjoy!


Portraits Series

She sat before the artist
and wondered
what curious lines
would he delve
to carve her features.
Was her smile too wide?
Was it not enough?
And she wondered,
how should she interpret
her beauty
so as to be seen –
and she likewise worried
how would he interpret
her beauty,
if there was any
to be found.
She sat unflinching
her face held taught
she held her head high
and stared straight forward,
despite the strong desire
to look away.
There was too much
in the artist’s hand
moving across the canvas.
What would he see?
and could he trace
the silent sorrows
she hid behind her smile?
Years later
and many more –
people often wondered:
Did she really smile
or were her true feelings
behind bashful glances,
but as she sat stoically
before da Vinci,
only he truly perceived
her pride, and her joy
simultaneously intermixed
with her uncertainty, and discomfort.
With gentle strokes,
he gently leads the viewer
to truly see
her soul’s ambiguity.

(c) Sumyanna 2017