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Poem: So They May See It


I have found a way

to cloud my tears

and yet exist

in the unpleasantness

of this decade,

while wagging tongues

wade the distant rivers

waging wars of rhetoric.

I shall only hear

the sound of nature’s voice,

reciting the eternal pages

of her boundless poetry.

Were it a blue reaching sky,

a crimson glow across the horizon,

or the flight of a distant dove,

it does not matter.

My heart whispers

in soaring, rhythmic phrases

that traipse across this gentle landscape

rhyme rolling off of the tongue

like nectar dripping from honeysuckle

its slow descent

intensifies the pleasure,

but still, what have I wrought from this –

unending bliss in a world of my own making?

For what makes me complete

what makes me whole…

is the heart with which beats beneath my breast.

No matter the pain, the hidden scars, the tears wept,

I must listen with good intent

for hidden behind the recesses of this existence,

beauty has gently laid her head

between the sleeping forms

of those who need compassion.

Were I to find it there, I would be blessed

but ever so much more, should I open their eyes

so they can see it.


© Sumyanna 2017

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The Forest Begs Us to Walk More Slowly, a poem

Forest (2)

In the silence of the forest
Do we walk quickly?
Treading the path
Like many –
How many miles?
How many miles ahead
And how many left behind?
Or do we tarry
A little longer
And dwell in the moments
Replayed in every single step
In the silky voice of the wind
In the crunch of leaves underfoot
In the faded bark of fallen tree
And do we wonder?
Do we wonder who else
Followed this path
How many
And when
What did they carry?
What were their dreams?
For those, their footsteps may have faded
But history dwells within every step
And the land – it carries the memories
Even if we never see them
In the silence of the forest
You witness history’s silent song
I try to linger
Never too quick in my steps
For I long dwell within
The whispered history
Of those who came before.

© Sumyanna 2016


Submitted for The Daily Post Prompt: forest

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Beauty Suffers in Silence, a poem



I spotted this image in my folder this morning and reminisced on our last visit to the gardens.  While I was able to get the two youngest finished with school three weeks early (yes, I was desperate for a break), the two older kiddos are still slaving away.  I so long for a quiet day in the gardens, the fresh air, the silence… So this image brought these words today.  For some reason, she had a story to tell…


Beauty Suffers in Silence



Beauty suffers in silence

For though, unique –

She wonders

Am I enough?

Yet still, she lingers

In the sighs

Of summer morning

She is aware

Of the stillness…

The breath

Of morning sky

Intermingling with her own

And the world –

Her world,

Is an unending dance

Of color,

Beneath a gentle breeze.

Though uncertain,


She exhales beauty

In every breath,

Even though

Many will not see it.


© Sumyanna 2018



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On the Beach of My Imagination


Here I am, alone
I hide from my own shadow
I dance, I play – I am alive
And I bask in the glow of setting sun
Sand pushed between my toes
And I can’t help but wonder
How many
How many
And could I possibly count them all
And the beauty of the moment
Streaks before my eyes
A glimmer of hope
My feet sink and the water rushes in
And I feel the movement
Of the world beneath me
It pushes away
Pushes away
And I feel like I am falling
But still I stand against the tide
Dripping wet, yet full of life
My heart is rushing
Rushing –
It longs to sleep within the tide
To brush against the rocks
Each one tells a story
I want to shape their beauty
To etch my memories
Across their edges
And I long
To push away
To push away
And stretch far away
Carried on the waves
The sky lit up like flame
It ripples across the waters
And lights the fire
Within my imagination.

© Sumyanna 2016


Submitted for The Daily Post Prompt: Glimmer

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Beauty Lingers, a poem



My dear friend, Nadia, requested that I write for this image.  She knows I find stories there, hidden in the spaces between images, sometimes in the shadows and other times in a ray of light.  If you open your eyes widely, perhaps you will see it too…


Beauty Lingers

I had lost
my footsteps
in mourning
and upon the rise
of morning sun,
my eyes opened wide
and I could see –
the possibility
that lingers
in every breath.
It does not matter
that I am worn,
nor that my tears
have heartlessly
been torn
from my heart,
I believe
in the beauty
that’s woven
beneath my skin.
And as long as I
am able to stand,
I shall stand
with confidence
and sing
of the beauty
that’s laid
its weary head
upon my chest.

© Sumyanna 2018

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My Full-Throated Song, a poem

A dear friend of mine has been encouraging me to write more for some of my photography.  I thought I’d see what I could make of it.  I hope you enjoy 🙂

WIN_20170418_14_58_58_Pro (2)


Have you ever heard
the full-throated song
that escapes my chest?
Have you ever lingered,
found yourself
lost in the enticing scent
of my perfumed lips
and wondered at
my silent bow
in gentle winds?
For though
the rows
have carefully been planted
how many truly listen?
how many truly see?
I feel
the grasses grow
beneath my feet
I smell
the hint
of summer rain.
And how much
closer could I be,
to life and death
that here in these moments –
where dawn emerges,
a gentle womb of sustenance,
and dusk overshadows,
a bearer of sleep.
Were I to dream –
I would dream
of eternal spring,
but soon,
a coldness shall linger
and winter
will steal our hearts.
I worry not,
the consequences of breath
but celebrate my beauty
for I have been
made to sing
and gloriously,
my soul
is filled with song.

(c) Sumyanna 2018


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Reawakened by Her Breaths, a poem



I ache for the

lengthening stretch

of sunlight

the lessening blow

of winds

the quieter moments

filled with –

the song of birds

the flutter of butterflies

the lean of tall grasses

the warmth of sun.

I want to trace

the slow moving

passage of sunlight

across the varied

shades of green

the way its reflection


across the rippling waters

at the pond.

I want to break free

like the small sprout

learning toward the sun

breaking away

the last vestiges of earth

and leaning toward the warmth.

I want to find myself,

in Spring, reawakened

by her breaths.


© Sumyanna 2018



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Dancing in the Rain (Portrait Poetry Series #31)

Today, the Daily Post Prompt is messy. I could not help but remember this poem I posted quite some time ago.  It holds a special place in my heart – autobiographical, then not.




We are dancing in the rain

It matters not, that we’ll get wet –

life is meant to be messy

The rain’s fresh scent

Begs for entertainment.

The rain pours

And puddles lay at our feet

While others curse the rain

We dance and smile

Puddle slapping

We are young and free

While others carry excessive baggage

Their boots slap angrily

Grumbling snores through life

They can’t enjoy the rain

Their heart’s just not in it

Not today, nor tomorrow

They can never feel free.

My hair lays wet

Across my face

Your clothes are soaked

And it does not matter,

For when in love

You just want

To enjoy the moment

Embrace everything –

Including the rain.


© Sumyanna 2016


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: messy

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