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Learning in the Silence



I actually wanted to post my images from the gardens, but somehow all these words came out instead.  I’ve decided I will make that a separate post.  Since I have been a way for a bit, I wanted to explain what we’ve been up to and where I have been… both mentally and physically.  The older you get, it seems, the more you truly start to understand things that SERIOUSLY would have been so useful when you were younger!  This year and especially this summer has been a great time of reflection and growth, I believe.  Even though I wish I could always be writing or conversing, I cannot complain about the silences as they have been essential for me to truly reflect on what matters most.


First of all, today we are hoping to go out to a different garden location.  Today is the only day with cooler temperatures as the rest of the week will be in the mid to high 90s F.  I’m not afraid of warmer weather, but the warmer it is, the brighter it is which means it is more difficult to take photographs.  As I’m still learning about my camera I’m always messing up and somehow taking photos that are too bright or those that are too dark.  Here, you can be pounded down by the heat of the sun one moment and the next second a cloud will come in and you are drenched in darkness.  I’m am always trying to fix the settings on the camera and still get them wrong.  I am a work in progress 🙂  Beyond that, I also have noticed that a lot of times the extreme heat causes me to rush my photos, which makes it harder to actually get a good one.  I’m always in a hurry to click and then run for a shady spot 🙂  So, today it is!


As you may have noticed, I have not been on much since the end of school.  We started the summer off taking time away from the computers.  It was actually something nice to do because since our schooling is all online, we are almost always attached at the hip to our computers.  I seriously get to the point where I don’t want to see one!  After taking some time off, I am now enjoying time online as well as a lot of time offline.


We have not yet gone hiking although we did get a shorter walk in the woods last week.  We were going hiking but the weather did not cooperate.  Last night we finally hooked up my son’s new trailer bike to take it for a spin.  We started late, so we didn’t go far but it was a nice trial run.  My son is attached to my husband’s bike on his own bike and let’s just say that kiddo is still used to using training wheels.  He kept leaning from side to side, especially if he was pedaling.  Fortunately 🙂 the bike trailer would not fit on my bike because initially my husband installed it incorrectly, otherwise he might have caught me off-balance.  The trial went well, so I am hoping that we start biking as a family more.  Even on the hotter days, it usually does cool down in the evenings.


Aside from enjoying my time off, I am also rather happy to be back.  I have missed not writing or posting and when I mean not writing, I mean at all.   It’s not a bad thing as I know that if I get a thought in my head that needs expression, it will force its way out anyway.  However, I miss these conversations as it is as much of a conversation with myself as it is with you.  I tend to think out loud when writing… there is a little voice in my head that recites every little word I write.  And I don’t know about you, but I truly find that I learn a lot about myself when I take the time the listen to my own thoughts.


Anyway, I know it has been quite a long time and I apologize, but I know the importance of what I do in life is way beyond what I can ever write.  As much as I love writing, I know that the most important job I have been given is being a mother and I have the added blessing that I have been able to homeschool them… so teaching them is equally as important.  It is not enough to just teach the the basics (although they are also incredibly important) but I also know my job is to prepare them for college and then for later life.  We spend time learning how to best take notes, but we also talk about how we should treat others (often using current world events as examples).  We discuss, communicate, and reflect with one another and allow each other to see the world through our unique eyes.  I find that not only the children are growing and learning… but so am I.


I have found that the most impact I can make in this world is through teaching, supporting, loving, and being there for my children and I guess at this point in life, I have found that this is more than enough for me.  Anything else is just icing on the cake.  And as the years have passed, I am also finding that I only have a few years left with the kiddos (at least at this stage in life), so these very moments are incredibly important to them as well as to me.  I want to live without any regrets.


My oldest is graduating high school next year and now my two youngest (who need most of my help) are going into higher grades which means more assistance will be required than the last year.  My next youngest is moving into tenth grade, so in two years she will also be graduating.  She is still working on her writing, by the way and has been published… twice this year!  You cannot imagine how excited I am for her.  She is really talented and writes from a rather mature perspective despite being younger.  I have always wished that I had been more supported in my youth with my writing, but now I have the chance to make a difference for someone else and I could not be happier that she is finding the value in her own voice.


My youngest daughter has been having eye issues… they are not focusing properly… so she doesn’t see well most of the time and that makes it hard because I was hoping to tutor her over the summer.  We’re still trying some things with her doctor to see if we can come up with a solution, but right now she is using a different prescription and her eyes are slowly adjusting.  That might fix all of the problems or only part of the problem and unfortunately, we need her to wear the glasses for three months before we will know.  That means she could still be struggling when school starts… but some things just take time.  My youngest guy still wants to grow up to be a superhero.  You could not imagine my thrill when we went to the store the other day and found t-shirts that said on them “superhero in training.”  I could not help myself and bought him one.  He was over the moon and wore it proudly.


Oh, that reminds me of something that happened recently that was rather adorable.  We went to visit a friend recently who has a younger son, Adam.  I believe he is 4 or 5 now.  My son played with him while the girls talked.  When we drove home, he told me in amazement, “You would never believe what I found out mom!  Adam is also a superhero!  He told me!  His name is Superhero Adam!”  He was so thrilled to have actually met another superhero in flesh and blood.  Even thinking of it now makes me smile.


Other than that, I am slowly working on learning how to just ‘be.’  I think, with the way the world is… and the fast rate at which the world moves requires us to relearn that sometimes.  I’ve been learning a lot about myself in the process and perhaps I am looking at myself a little more kindly and that, in turn, also requires me to do the same for others.  It’s hard to explain, really… but we think we know what motivates others or perhaps it is just that we are so darn quick to judge… and yet, we really have a hard time grasping why we are the way we are… or why we do the things we do.  I mean, we love to sit in the illusion that we know… but I’m not all that convinced.


As I am learning to reflect and take time to breathe, I am really becoming aware of my own humanity as well as those around me.  I know, it may sound strange… but what I mean is that being human means to make mistakes.  We often jump quick to an excuse whenever we make a mistake but we are often less willing to make an excuse for others when they do the same.  We are so much less forgiving but we insist that others should be moreso for our own mistakes.  I don’t know… and perhaps I am only talking about my own experiences, but it has truly been a useful lesson.  It’s not to say I would not make similar mistakes in the future… but the more I learn about myself and the way I am motivated… the way my past has molded who I am… my quirks and everything else… the more I realize that there is so much more to the people around me than I had ever imagined.  In the end… I hope that it makes me more sympathetic to the others, or perhaps at least see their actions through a different lens, even if we may disagree.


(c) Sumyanna 2018

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Technology has gotten the best of me lately…



I’m not one to usually come across as not caring.  I usually try pretty hard to be understanding, to reciprocate, to be there for others.  I don’t think of that as a bad thing, although some might.  It’s just the way I am.


Recently it has been a whirlwind of change.  Well, maybe not a whirlwind to others… but only to myself.  Over the summer my camera broke, which has left me without the view I am used to.  I’m not complaining… even though I know you have heard this before.  It’s just a fact.  I have used my phone but the pictures are way too crisp and clean for what I hope to achieve.  My daughters camera is a point and shoot.  I swear that thing takes forever to focus on the right image and almost always focuses on everything except what I was wanting to focus on.  To me, no matter how disappointing it can be… this is life.  Sometimes, you just can’t do what you want to do or do it the way you want to.  You have to learn to adapt.


This is not to say that my camera is long gone.  We finally got a chance to order a cleaning kit – it is sitting right here on my desk, waiting for me to use it.  I am hoping for sooner than later 😉  So we are working on it.


Actually a bit before my camera died, my daughter dropped my phone on the garage floor.  It did not survive.  I was without a phone for a bit because we wanted to buy a particular kind.  Once that arrived, I was happy to once again be reunited, but my phone was not the same anymore.  For some strange reason, that darn phone has “family safety” on it.  I went into my account and deleted family safety, but it still blocks certain things… namely blogs.  Nothing has been changed on my phone from the previous phone, no one installed family safety, but there it is.  We are still trying to figure that one out, but my husband has been a bit busier than usual at work, so we haven’t had a chance yet.


To understand how that impacts me, you would have to know how I work.  I already know I’m not normal… that’s okay with me.  Way back when we started homeschooling, I knew that if I wanted to be successful, I would have to keep the distractions to a minimum.  You know… people call and chat forever, not realizing that you are busy or you go to see a math video with your 1st grader and end up spending hours watching old clips of I Love Lucy together.  And while I consider that time well spent, things still need to be done.


I am a bit practical.  I know these things waste time, but aside from just realizing that – I try to contain that distraction.  So years ago, I had my husband install a software program on all of the kid’s computers that block things that easily distract them.  If they want to play games – they can, but when all their work is done for the day.  Since I was their primary teacher, I also needed to block distractions – so I gladly gave up my access to all things distracting to be a better teacher.  I know many would say, “Have some backbone!” and to that I can only reply, that’s exactly what I was doing 🙂


It can be a pain sometimes, but I find it incredibly rewarding to achieve the things you set out to achieve.  I feel that success in anything will always come at some cost.  So yeah, I don’t have unfettered access to the world wide internet, and that’s okay by me.  I allow myself an hour a day to spend on the blog and at those moments I can access anything I want – but my blog is usually my main choice of reward.  Some days that really sucks because it will lock me out before I get a chance to finish and then I have to wait for the next day.  Other times (and they have been more prominent lately) I don’t have any free time at all.    That’s just the way it is.


I know… I’m strange.  I think (or at least I hope) that each of us make choices that help us be more successful in life and I do believe that this has helped our family immensely.  No matter the strange stares or the odd looks.  I will continue to be me, no matter how strange I might seem.  I just feel that life is too short to spend all of my time distracted.  I remember the days when children played in the streets and people were out in their yards, tending to gardens.  People, back then, spent more time – together.  Is it really so strange that I wish we had more time together?


Anyway, that leads me back to my problem.  I don’t read other blogs on my computer – but on my phone.  With that gosh darn glitch, I have had a hard time reading anyone.  It is not because I don’t want to spend time – I actually cherish the time I am able to read and I miss all of you terribly.  The problem is, if I use the browser on my phone, it blocks all blogs.  Okay, got that – so download another browser.  I did.  Problem is, it allows me to read, but after I spend time typing up a long comment, it will sit there and never add the comment to the person’s page.  At first, I assumed it actually added the comment, but I just couldn’t see it.  Unfortunately – nope.


I’m still working on this and hoping to tie my husband to his desk chair long enough to fix it for me.  I have no idea what else to do to the phone that I haven’t already done.  Family safety is not the program, by the way, that we use on the computers.   We don’t use it at all but a long, long time ago my husband did try it.  As far as we know it was deleted and the account on my phone I deleted myself.  Ugh.


So yeah, I’m a bit of a mixed up lady these days and who knows what will happen as we keep getting more and more technologically advanced!  Sorry for all the rambling, but I just wanted to explain.  I have truly missed seeing everyone and although I can “see” anyone’s blog that I want, I really hate seeing but not supporting my other bloggers out there.  So I send you my deepest apologies – I am telling you that I truly have missed you – and I hope things will get worked out soon.  In the meantime, thank you so much for supporting my oddities.  It means more to me than you will ever know.


Sumyanna 2017

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Just When You Need Motivation



Yeah, I know – I’ve been gone a while here and a while there.  Things have been busy.  Well, it is not a bad thing for sure, but I have also missed being online at least for my own sanity.  I have two kiddos that I homeschool that are high school age now and they have been keeping me busy.  The younger two are a full-time job on a daily basis, so that is to be expected.  So mama time – is just a fantasy that I hold in my heart right now, and sometimes there is a glimmer of hope in a few seconds here or there.


In one way, it is good for me having the two older kids in high school.  They do most of their work on their own and in some cases, even help each other out when the other needs it.  They do sometimes need help though and that’s alright by me – we often figure out things together.  So lately I’ve been helping my daughter who is Dyslexic in her writing course.  She does not need a lot of help, but she sincerely needs a reminder “you can do this” as often as possible.  She is actually a really good writer, but she always second guesses herself.  She wanted to stretch her skills and take a writing course and so far she had done very well – but it helps to have a “brainstorming session” with me to help her gather her ideas and when she writes, I try to help her to visualize herself in the story, either as a character or as a bystander so that she can use more important details in her writing.  So far it has gone well, and the results have been fantastic – but wow, no rest for the weary!


In another way, there is a heck of a lot of preparation that goes into getting the older two ready for college.  Not long ago, I was able to find a conference for one of them to attend in their choice of careers.  It went over so well that I am trying to line up experiences for the other kiddos (even the younger ones) in the hope that something just makes things click for them.  It is not always an easy task to find yourself or to figure out what path you want to take when the world just seems full of possibilities.  So having these experiences, I hope, can help them start to figure things out.


Perhaps it helps to understand that as a kid, I was rarely encouraged.  I’m not trying to make this a sob story, I am way beyond that now.  I just like to think of it as a point of reference for me and a worthy education at times as well.  I think of all the things that I missed out on.  I cannot help but imagine what might have been if things were different, but I am also rather happy where I am now (hope that makes sense).  I wrote even back then and actually participated in competitions (even moving as high as representing my state in a few competitions in high school).  Sadly, I never knew much about the world outside of school and home.  I never even knew to look up writing groups or find ways to attend conferences… nothing.  Of course, back in those days things were different than they are now (as my son likes to say, were there dinosaurs when you were growing up?).  Nowadays, everything is a click away.  You just need to know what to search for.


So, I am taking advantage of that change in times in the hopes that I can provide something for my children that I feel I really missed out on.  Mind you, despite the lack of encouragement – there never was a question that I wanted to be a writer someday and I really don’t mind if the only writing I am able to do is on my blog.  It just took me like eons to figure out that you can be a writer all on your own without anyone giving you a certificate 🙂 and I’m really glad that I have this opportunity.


Ahhh, I do have to say I do like some of the changes that have come over us.  Technology does have its benefits.  Were it not for the internet, perhaps I would never have been brave enough to even call myself a writer.  Fortunately, spending time with other writers and like-minded people has helped me see my own value as well.  Instead, I have learned to feel more comfortable in my own skin as a writer and I have no doubt that I can write.  Trust me though, when I say I am not overconfident to the point that my head will swell.  But let’s look at it from the perspective that many of us are afraid to say those words.  I used to be that way too.  We somehow feel like we have to have our names in lights and our faces on the back inner spine of a book in order to have achieved something.


As I was saying… when I was growing up, I was never encouraged.  My family did not even know I wrote (even though I banged on that typewriter all the time and spent time in competitions – but they were during school trips).  They just didn’t take any interest.  They still don’t know that I write now, but that is another story for another day.  Anyway, the most important thing in my life somehow escaped their attention.  When I was in high school and in college and said I wanted to get an English degree, I was told “writer’s never get jobs.”  I was equally told it was a waste of time and that I would never amount to anything, so why bother?  But I cannot help wondering, what would have happened had someone said “Try!  I believe in you!”  How many times have all of us needed that voice?


Now, there were certain teachers that did encourage me to the best of their ability, especially the one who encouraged me to take up the pen in the first place.  The sad thing is though, that they can only do so much and most assume you live in an encouraging environment.  So for me, I never found out about scholarships or attended writing groups or conferences.  I just wrote and kept my voice to myself.


I am happy to say though that despite the lack of encouragement, I have never lost my love for writing and I doubt that I will ever tire from the desire to express myself even when I have limited time.  There were times I had to spend working on things I did not love and there were times when I have had to put my writing aside – but I always come back to it.  I need to – as sure as I live and breathe.  It just somehow makes me whole.


So yeah, I take my job pretty seriously for encouraging and supporting the kids as much as I can.  And yes, it is a busy undertaking, but I know how important it can be.  Some of my kiddos are certain about what they want to do and others are just as equally uncertain.  One is certain she wants to be a writer – but has trouble knowing what that means for her.  Will there be opportunities?  And for me, as a mother – I don’t want her to waste her time trying to find reasons she should not.  I want her to find reasons she can and if there are no paths for her, then she can make one.  So I feel it is my job to find ways to let them see what is out there and to see what they are capable of in the hopes that just like my teachers did for me… I can encourage their first spark toward something they love.  I know they won’t ever forget it – just as I have never forgotten the same and what a precious gift to give.


So if you notice my absence sometimes, know that I am most likely okay.  If I have not visited, know that I will try once an opportunity arises.  I have missed you to pieces, dear blog family.  I know people will say, don’t bother with the blog… but I do this for me – and as much as homeschooling keeps me busy, I need my time away… writing or taking photographs to feel sane and anchored to the ground.  I have finally matured enough to not feel guilty for having needs too.  This is where I wash away my fears, allow myself to drown in my tears, and pull the sunshine out of the sky when I need it most.  It is the one place that I am free to hear my own thoughts and where I am closest to my dreams.  As a writer, I could not ask for more.


Now there is one last thing I want to share with you.  I know that I’m not special.  What I mean by that is – I know that I am not alone in never hearing words of encouragement.  It is a sad fact that I have known many and I am ever so grateful that they believed enough to share a part of their hearts so bravely.  It is not easy growing you own courage!  I just want you to know – I’ve got your back.


It’s like I tell the kids all the time, there are so many people who achieved greatness and perhaps many of them were never even celebrated – but they mattered.  What they did mattered – even if they only touched the heart of one other person in some way.  Of those who were later celebrated, in their day and time they were discouraged, told they were dumb, told they had no talent, told they would never amount to anything and all I can say is darn it, I’m glad they didn’t believe them!  For some miraculous reason – they just held on to their dream.  They were fortunate that in some way they were able to pull through the muck and mire, they were able to bring forth the courage no matter the naysayers. In some other cases, there was someone behind them – pulling them or pushing them forward with words of encouragement.


At the end of the day, you need to realize (as do I) that these same people probably had the same fears that we do.  They probably struggled with wondering if they were good enough, talented enough, or worthy of dreams.  They probably wondered if the naysayers were correct and maybe they should stop wasting their time.  I mean, what is the point anyway, right?


The question I have to ask myself – and you have to ask yourself – is how will you ever know if you aren’t willing to try?  And most importantly, we must learn from those who came before us.  What would have happened had those people – those celebrated for their greatness – never had someone (perhaps even themselves) say that they could?  The loss would truly have been ours and you cannot imagine where we would be without their influence.


So, even if it is a little voice in your head, listen to it.  If you are fortunate to have someone else willing to believe in you, show them just how right they are.  Cherish that they are willing to hold your hand.  And if the only encouragement you have is this very blog post, then by all means take it!  I give it willingly.   I believe in you.  I believe in you – and if you believe in yourself, you will be amazed to see what you can accomplish.  Let no one steal away your opportunity to dream.  For what would the world be without you?


© Sumyanna 2017


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The Priceless Beauty of Every Moment


beauty (2)



Each moment is priceless.  As the days stretch into years I think I have learned that more than anything.  I cherish the simple moments, watching my children grow and learn.  I feel blessed that I am able to spend most of my day with them.


Homeschooling is a challenge.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you it is easy.  Unless you are doing nothing to help your children learn, it is a difficult job but one that is incredibly rewarding.  When they struggled, I struggled to find ways to help them learn.  When they succeeded, I was there to cheer them on.  I cherish that, more than anything.


My earliest influence was… hands down… my grandmother.  She taught me to love learning.  She also taught me that learning was a lifelong journey.  She taught me to seek creativity and self expression and to do the best job I was capable of.  She died when I was rather young, but she left her imprint nonetheless.  I guess those moments, by her side, were the beginning of my journey as a homeschool mother.  I just did not know it yet.


Not long after having my first child, I learned about homeschooling.  I admired the hard work and enthusiasm my friends who homeschooled showed toward their children’s education.  I also admired how close-knit they were as a family.  Not only did they learn together, but they grew together.


I took the bait and it was (at times) a difficult road, but one that I do not regret for one moment.  It means never being alone in your thoughts (or perhaps just rarely if you can get the bathroom door shut before they barge in) 🙂  It means not having the time to pursue the things that you cherish.  It means not having the time to do the things that you want to do… for yourself or by yourself and sometimes it means not having time at all for anything.


I have learned to take all this in stride, because seriously, those things are minor compared to the things I have gained.  Every moment with my children is priceless.  It does not matter if it is watching my young son sprawled out on the floor, playing with his cars or train sets.  It does not matter if it is helping my younger daughter struggle through math problems that seem impossible for her.  Sometimes, it feels impossible to me to – because one thing I have learned while homeschooling is that we all think rather differently.  That is not always easy… learning to understand our differences, but it is my job to find that one thing that will tie all those lessons together and carve them to make sense for my children.  Even that struggle is priceless.  Gaining understanding of one another is a gift.  Learning to help each other achieve is another.


At times, I feel guilty when I am not around.  I cherish my blog more than anything.  I swear my heart begs me to write, get out in nature, or just breathe fresh air and I often I just can’t.  I have had to learn that delicate balancing act called life.  Sometimes I can juggle the ball of my needs, but more often than not, I have to juggle others before my own.


I have no intention to leave, mind you.  I have more than enough desire within me to write.  I just always struggle with being able to say “I will be here on Monday” or “I will be able to post three times a week” or even “I will be able to do the things I strongly desire to do” because I can’t always, no matter how bad I want to.  I don’t want it to sound like a complaint – it isn’t.  Life is just like that and truly every moment in between those spend doing the things I love… I am cherishing them too.


So in a way, this is an apology, or perhaps just a recognition that I cannot always do the things I hope to do.  I guess it is a good thing – recognizing our limits, trying to find ways around them when we desire something out of reach.  I always hold on to the hope that if there is every something out there for me, that I shall find it.  I try to remind myself the priceless beauty that life has to offer in every second and in every breath.  It may not always be what we want, or perhaps life will just take over and seemingly keeps us from our dreams… but always know that as long as we keep struggle to find them…


they will find you.  I honestly believe that.


(c) Sumyanna 2017


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Loving You is an Instinct, a poem

LovingYou (4)

It is an instinct,

I think –

to love you the way I do

in stolen moments,

I have memorized

the curve of your smiles

the trace of your faces

and I hold them in my heart,


with all the reasons

I love you,

and the memories we have shared.

And it almost seems

as if not one moment existed

before your first cries

and because of you,

I have never known unhappiness.

It is not that I haven’t been given

plenty reasons to cry

for I – like many,

have borne my scars,

but in retrospect

it led me to this moment

it led me to you –

my children

who brighten my every day.

Creators of my ever-growing smile,

you have breathed life

into this old soul of mine

and though my path

was often paved with loneliness

you have left me unable to remember

the pain.


© Sumyanna 2017


For my children, who give me every reason to believe in the potential of humanity.  May we learn to listen to them more, be with them more, and realize that even they have something they can teach us.  Many, many things…


Written for The Daily Post Prompt: instinct

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Daily Post Prompt: Parenthood, a Replacement for Sanity

This poem is written in two voices.  The first is mine – written in black text.  The second, written in red text, you need to replace with a whiny kids voice (I’m sure you can figure out what that sounds like) :-).  Some days, this is the typical scene at my house.  I try to write yet I absorb all the noise around me.  As much as I love the makers of said noise, it can be difficult to write around them sometimes.  Well, we do our best (and hey, I got a fun poem out of it!)  I hope you enjoy this.




The grass sways
With wind-swept innocence
A glistening splendor
Kissed by morning dew

I know you are but what am I

I . . . I
I love you not
For all you’ve brought
My love, my heart knows not a price
In riches – I shall dwell with you

she touched me

. . .touched me
With your outstretched hand
And kindness wrought
Upon your face
Depths of despair
I feel, I falter
With loving heart
You soon displace

I said no!

. . . No
No one knows
The depths of my heart
In poem
It hardly leaves a trace
Barely a shadow
That now remains
Of beauty
Held in warm embrace

I sat to write a poem
But thoughts now written
Are not my own.

For living
With a family
You barely keep
Your sanity.

So as I now
Throw down my pen
I’ll wait till all is quiet
To write again.

© Sumyanna 2015


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Daily Post Prompt: Making Lemonade



 Making Lemonade

My two youngest are in the kitchen
Making lemonade
A strange concoction
Of honey and lemon
with a bit of water
Sounds the song of approval
My little boy declares
It is delicious
Their best recipe yet
and he gulps it down.
I can’t help but think
How we often miss out
In life’s simple pleasures
The treasures of life
But how
At the same time
We urge to get past them.
As children,
They live fully in the moment
No obstacle ever daunts them
They rarely sit and mope
About what they’ve been given
They try
They strive
They fall and then rise
They are beauty itself
And I am just a silent passenger
Watching and waiting
For the moment they will learn to fly.

© Sumyanna 2016