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Beauty Suffers in Silence, a poem



I spotted this image in my folder this morning and reminisced on our last visit to the gardens.  While I was able to get the two youngest finished with school three weeks early (yes, I was desperate for a break), the two older kiddos are still slaving away.  I so long for a quiet day in the gardens, the fresh air, the silence… So this image brought these words today.  For some reason, she had a story to tell…


Beauty Suffers in Silence



Beauty suffers in silence

For though, unique –

She wonders

Am I enough?

Yet still, she lingers

In the sighs

Of summer morning

She is aware

Of the stillness…

The breath

Of morning sky

Intermingling with her own

And the world –

Her world,

Is an unending dance

Of color,

Beneath a gentle breeze.

Though uncertain,


She exhales beauty

In every breath,

Even though

Many will not see it.


© Sumyanna 2018



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My Full-Throated Song, a poem

A dear friend of mine has been encouraging me to write more for some of my photography.  I thought I’d see what I could make of it.  I hope you enjoy 🙂

WIN_20170418_14_58_58_Pro (2)


Have you ever heard
the full-throated song
that escapes my chest?
Have you ever lingered,
found yourself
lost in the enticing scent
of my perfumed lips
and wondered at
my silent bow
in gentle winds?
For though
the rows
have carefully been planted
how many truly listen?
how many truly see?
I feel
the grasses grow
beneath my feet
I smell
the hint
of summer rain.
And how much
closer could I be,
to life and death
that here in these moments –
where dawn emerges,
a gentle womb of sustenance,
and dusk overshadows,
a bearer of sleep.
Were I to dream –
I would dream
of eternal spring,
but soon,
a coldness shall linger
and winter
will steal our hearts.
I worry not,
the consequences of breath
but celebrate my beauty
for I have been
made to sing
and gloriously,
my soul
is filled with song.

(c) Sumyanna 2018


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A Testament to What I Was, a poem



I am a testament

to what I was

in the days of my youth

strong, firm, and resolute.

I grew beneath

the shade of trees

basked in the warm glow

of the sun

and treasured the silence

allowing the breeze

to touch my skin

to hear the sigh

of the wind

and I continued

to stretch

to strive

to reach

the promise

of my potential.


wept at my feet,

as the sun

lit my tresses on fire

as the breeze

grasped me in its arms

in a furious dance

and as the shade

of another passing day

drew shadows in my footsteps.

I have lived

way beyond

my youthful display of courage

and now the winter

of my life is near

the moments when

I begin to realize

my purpose

is to leave behind

the best of myself

so that others may grow

to leave behind

a message

that beauty

is all-encompassing

in every passing moment,

whether we are holding on

or letting go.

I shall never say

goodbyes are not

filled with sorrow

but I know

you shall remember me

by what I leave behind –


to be cherished

and a legacy

whose existence

required my presence.


© Sumyanna 2017




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On Death and Living, a poem

Sometimes, I am enticed by an image to write a poem, to see a story, or to imagine their voice.  Perhaps it is something there that I see, or perhaps it never was present.  Perhaps it is a tale of lies, or perhaps there are thoughts burning with in me, begging release, and they take on new life through the view of this character.  To say that I know which one is which, is most probably a lie.  To say it might be a little of all of them… might just be closer to the truth.  Here, I share with you the images and its inspiration.  Enjoying the muse…





She watched

in the silence of morning,

while others slept,

and contemplated

the fruits of growth

and her own thoughts

of beauty.

All those around her,

once carried dreams

and whispered hopes…

she still clung to hers

in moments of uncertainty

in moments where she is stretched

and forced to grow

before she is ready.

She fears sometimes,

the change required.

She watches others grow

beyond their stretch of time

withered, they stand

testament to

the truth that we all know

in time, there will be

an end

for all of us.

Yet it does not cure

the ache,

the desire she has

to live.

She realizes that

some things are


but the moment


breeds within her veins

the desire to touch the sky

to caress the warmth of dusty earth

to cry tears in longing for another day.


her time shall come

and her breath will be her last,

but she refuses to take a pause

or a moment

to worry or reflect on her fears

for she wants to go out

the way she came in…



© Sumyanna 2017









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Yearning to Grow, a poem

IMG_7525 (2)


There are times when
the stretch and roar
of change comes
licking at our heels.
We become afraid
cowering between
what is and what was
dragging our uncertain steps
toward certain doom
as told by our impatient hearts.
Then, later
the sun shall shine
and purpose will grow
beyond what we expect
beauty will show herself
in ways we did not see.
How wonderful it is,sometimes
that despite our strong desire
to run away…
we have to run straight ahead
into what we are afraid of
only to see –
beauty comes with change
and often necessitates it.

(c) Sumyanna 2017


This poem was written specifically for the image above.  Trying to blend a bit of my photography and writing 🙂