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All He Asked For, Was a Poem…



All he asked for, was a poem
dark ink on starched white sheets
but was it enough, she wondered?
She wrote about her hearts longings
her hopes –  her dreams
and she wondered, would he understand?
Would he hear her faint cries in the dark of night?
Would it even matter?
The paper, now crumpled – she grabbed another
she wrote furiously about all the pain she sees
she writes about the blood – the tears
the many hearts, now broken
hearts that seek substance and meaning
and she cried many tears – alone
swept upon the page in gilded ink
and she wondered, would anyone hear her cry?
The paper, crumpled in a heap – another fresh sheet
and she wrote about the beauty that thrived before her eyes
the swoop and dive of hawk across the sky
of untended beauty in a field of golden wild grass
dancing gaily when caressed by a gentle wind
she wrote of the sun, the moon and the stars
of all she held close and dear
she wrote in only the words her heart could speak
and she knew no matter the time or circumstance
there never were enough words
to say all that was in her heart.

© Sumyanna 2015


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Portraits Poetry Series #44: She Kept Sorrows Tucked Away

Portraits Series


She kept her sorrows
Tucked away
Tucked away
Where no one else could see
And she tried to fill her days
Longing what she had lost
But living and breathing
Soaking in beauty
Wherever they met
And holding its memory close
She kept her sorrows
Tucked away
Tucked away
And some, they did not see
They assumed her life
Was laid perfectly
But she learned early
If you want to see beauty
You cannot hide from pain
For it is just a journey
You cannot be afraid
To open your eyes
and see.

© Sumyanna 2016

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Reverse Nonet/Nonet: Free to Fly

A while back, I learned about a beautiful form of poetry known as the Nonet.  I have to admit, I feel more comfortable writing a Reverse Nonet, but in this instance – someone asked me to write both, and make sense both backwards and forwards.  It’s not as easy as it may seem 🙂  Enjoy!





To fly
Rising high
I touch the sky
Arms outstretched, I ache
To cross the wilderness
To stretch beyond all I’ve known
There is beauty found in longing
Held within this very heart of mine

Held within this very heart of mine
There is beauty found in longing
To stretch beyond all I’ve known
To cross the wilderness
Arms outstretched, I ache
I touch the sky
Rising high
To fly

© Sumyanna 2016


I may have to share more of these, as I have written many.  Let me know if you like them.

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Where Will I Go From Here?




I was whispering
in the shadows of yesterday
where am I going . . .
where have I been . . .
and I found solace
not in the answer
but in who I
strove to be.
Life . . .
is an unwritten masterpiece
waiting to be woven
the drying of ink
and paint slowly dripping
from the tufted hairs
of paintbrush raised
and the unveiling
is yet to be seen
a mystery
and we wait
in awed silence
for the exhale
of her beauty.

(c) Sumyanna 2016


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The Words You Just Might Need to Hear, but Rarely Do…



Are more precious

Than the world has taught you.

No matter the words

The actions

The retractions

Of feelings.

Had it been

That each star

Had been numbered,

Cataloged by its native beauty

What quality, what gifts did they espouse?

And yet, you –

Unlike the stars,

The sunsets,

Flowers blooming on a summer’s day –

You are not told enough

That you lend beauty to our days.

You often hear nothing –

Save the sad silence

Of discontent.

The mad rush toward things

That barely give meaning

And yes – in the silence

We all learn to fill in the blanks

Sadly and with tears in our eyes.

It is not enough –

For us to say that you have beauty

To count the many times

We have been thankful for your presence

To see the wonder that you share –

Your innovate eye

Creative hand

The blessed lines

That fall upon the empty page.

Your presence –


And perhaps you could truly

See your value

If others weren’t afraid

To speak,

Vulnerable and afraid

To bare their soul.

It is not enough –

To think the thoughts

To speak the words in silence,

But we all must learn

To shout them out

Raise our voices

And share

Love enough

And to care

That we are heard.

For me,

I think that you are beautiful

And I hope that is enough.


© Sumyanna 2016


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Unspoken Whispers



There are moments
in life
when each breath
becomes difficult,
labored –
a painful exhale of emotion
and the roaring tide of tears
that never reach the eyes
but they rush through the soul
a tidal wave crashing
from the inside
and all you can do
is smile.
Life seems to carry on
and people carry on with it
tomorrow many will already forget
the newspaper headlines
and I know not why
I know not why
but sometimes,
it tears me up inside
for I am always the one
looking at everything
with a sideways glance
and delving at the soul
of everything
inspecting the pieces
and asking why,
and I know –
I know
that things could be better
but when you race against the tide –
you get knocked to your feet
for no matter how much
you strive to build peace
they always tear it down
from both sides.
That is where you hide,
in your sideways glances
wishing, hoping, praying
for them to see
there is a better way
to live than this.
This is where you hold your pain
in unspoken whispers
that dance across the page
and some days,
it seems
it is never enough
it is never enough.

(c) Sumyanna 2016


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She pauses
In the depths of darkness
Where silent tears fell.
She is not brave enough
To wipe those tears away
But holds them in place
Both outside and within
Chest rattling, urgent sadness
Wails in the silence of her days
And a craving
A longing
Swells within her soul
To cry loudly
To allow passion to burst
From within her chest
And to allow them to see.
We know not
All the secrets held inside –
That innermost dwelling
For our fears, our tears,
And yes, our dreams.
We feel we shelter them well
Guide them
Protect them
But well hid, they often
Never see the light of day
And what of the tears
That coursed across your face
And what of the fears
That hold them deep inside?
What options do you have?
Hold them in
Dig deep
Conceal them in your secret well?
No, words beg expression
And lines desire to flow across the page
Unassuming, unrestrictive,
And unresponsive to our fears.
There is nothing
To hold you back, but fear.
Yes, you may suffer the wounds
To speak your mind
To lay your emotions, for all to see
But you choose to remain a victim
If you suffer in silence.

© Sumyanna 2016

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Being Me, a Poem



They lay it on thick –


It is the promise

Of a lifetime

This cream

Shall cure old age

And remove those wrinkles

Crow’s feet, and cellulite

Celebrate the new you!

Worry not,

For you will be the same,

Just younger

And more vibrant

You shall move

Through the streets

With confidence!

And they barely realize

I sing beneath the story

Of these lines.

They are the narrative

Of what I have become

What I have overcome

And what I have cherished.

They trace the many ways

That I have smiled


And unabashedly.

They tell the story

Of upswept passion

The fearless breath

The will to be –

And the many ways and means

That I have

Stretched myself thin

Remade myself

And built myself back up again

From nothing.

They tell

The many ways

That I have loved

That I have sewn beauty

Far beyond the words

That crawl upon this line.

No –

I need not wipe

Those aged marks upon my face

Nor furl my brow

At the freckles,

The dimples

The glasses that now

Find uneasy stance upon my nose

I celebrate myself –

Where I have been

And where I hope to be

And nothing

And no-one

Shall say there is shame

In being me.


(c) Sumyanna 2016


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Sleeping Beauty Slept, A Poem



Sleeping Beauty slept
Ceaseless beauty
her solemn face
and the passing sun
slipped through the curtains
alight upon her silken skin
She slept
And she dreamt
of flowers
in the spring
she found herself
intoxicated by their scent
and she strove to dance
beneath the rains of spring
arms outstretched
arms outstretched
and tears of joy
she wept.
She slept
And she dreamt
Of passing summer days
The warmth of sun upon her skin
The smell of earth and fresh pine
She sings along
With the call of birds
And mountains rise
In the distance
And water trickles
Along the stream
She walks along the path
Alone, but unafraid
And it is here
She finds her heart
At peace
Upon the trail
Upon the earth
In a valley of wildflowers
At the tops of mountains
In the breathe of overarching sky.
Prince charming leaned in
Lips poised for a kiss
He meant well
He meant well
But she pushed him away
for she wanted to dream.

© Sumyanna 2016