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Under a Wistful Moon, a poem

I was tasked to write another fourteen line poem, but this time with a catch.  You cannot use the letter ‘e’ in the poem at all.  While I was writing, I could not help but wonder how I got into this mess… but after reading the poem upon completion, I have to say I’m glad I tried 🙂


Under a Wistful Moon



Wistful moon,
look down upon your fragrant shadows
in dazzling visions that tango
across our moonlit plains
rows of silky, sloping stalks
tilt longingly in oncoming winds
dipping and soaring, as if in a stupor,
drinking in a fountain of light
from a thousand distant stars.
I watch, without a sound,
and a soothing song stirs within my soul
I allow its hymn to touch my lips
and slowly drip against rays of moonlight
I sing, grass sways, and a tranquil moon looks on.


© Sumyanna 2017


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Words, Laced Together – Create a Song


An interesting set of rules started these lines. Write a poem, starting with one word, the next line contains two and so on.   I thought I would see how high I could go.  Well, I probably could have gone higher – but I like the results.

fell down
from my tongue
in roaring, rippling torrents
and the language swelled longingly.
Was it enough to write down
to sing the passage of time spent
would it make a difference in footsteps taken
it is a question as old as time itself
did I, do I, will I ever seem to matter
and breaths between the silence, allow my fears to linger still
it is enough to hold on to hope, for therein – promise lives.

© Sumyanna 2017

If anyone is interesting in taking up this idea, please share your results.  I found this prompt in one of my prompt books and thought I’d share.  I would love to see what you make of it!

Oh – and about the picture.  Found it on  Don’t care how old you are, you always have to hold on to your youthful spirit 😉

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Finding Significance in Ten Random Words, A Poem and a Challenge



For some years now, I have found that prompts are capable of elevating my poetry.  It is not to say that I can’t write without them – but prompts have this wonderful capability of making me step outside of my own shell and see through the eyes of others or see a scene I normally would not be focusing on.  I find great freedom, as well as growth, from this.  Having the prompt of the day for The Daily Post be the word ten, reminded me that I have not been doing these prompts often enough.


So, I give to you today my take on 10 random words, as well as a challenge – what can you come up with for those words?  For those of you who have not done this before, use a minimum of 3 words.  However, you will notice that the words shape the writing a lot more when you try to use all of them.  You do not have to write poetry, but can also feel free to write prose, a short story, really – anything.  I look forward to seeing what you can come up with.  Just share your link in the comments section and I will also add a link in the post itself.  Here’s the word list:




And here’s where I found significance in 10 random words today:


Beyond Winter


You know,

The icy stare of winter

Shall soon diminish

It too, shall fade

Along with the declining reach

Of plump, gray clouds

That once crawled slowly

across the aching sky.

Soon, I shall be towering

Over the garden gates

Seeking the scent of lilacs,

The full blushed kiss

Of the delicate anemone

The humble grandeur

Of hyacinth and morning glory.

I want to witness

The early morning prayer

Of Virginia bluebells

And breathe

the soothing scent of Jasmine.

I want to be held captive

By the momentous craftsmanship

Of water lilies raising their weary heads,

Come morning.

There are moments like this,

Always in this season

Where the cold, the gray,

the infertile fields stretch forth

and I dream, I dream of this…

I beg the gardener

To plant the seed

To sew the rows

To carry this imperfect burden

Towards beauty’s release.

My soul demands this need

to listen to the silent whisper

of spring breezes

between the garden gates

where I hear the harmonious sound

of buzzing bees

and trace the elegant sashay

of butterfly and hummingbirds.

I hear their joyful noises

And I know this much is true

This is where my heart finds peace

This is where I belong.


© Sumyanna 2016


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Written for The Daily Post Prompt: ten


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Poetic Responses – I’ve Been Prompted #8



I asked everyone to write for a list of ten words a while ago and wow – many people jumped right in!  I shout out a sincere thank you for everyone who did respond.  It truly thrilled my heart (and made me feel a bit guilty because I had not yet started mine 🙂


For anyone that is interested – there are no deadlines for these prompts (but people would most likely see it soon after I make my post).  I will share a link to your post on my blog (both at the initial request and in this post).


Some final thoughts – this challenge is to use as many words as you can.  You do not have to use all of them.  What is important is that you use the worlds to take your imagination somewhere.  While I do write poetry about the seasons and nature often – I feel that this poem’s wording was highly influenced by the words I had to work with, so I am completely happy with the result.


Here is the list, in case you have missed it:



And last (but not least) here is my response to the prompt list – I was able to manage all of the words this time.





I Believe in Me


My common stance

In life

Is to remain giddy

To spread my arms wide

And soar.

It matters not,

If my skyline sometimes

Is a walled-in prison

Where white-washed patterns

Dance in the shadows

Nor that the windows seem blocked

With crackling newspaper

Yellowed with age

I still manage

To see the sunshine

Beyond all the traces of gray

And the disheartening sound

Of voices hoping

To punish my unusual ways.

Through the years,

I have learned to shave

Buying significance

With broken promises.

I have learned

To no longer shyly seek

The proper pose

To this photographic fairy tale

Where the photographer poses

His blind eye behind the camera

And therein settles

The addition of self-doubt.

I have finally learned

The value of my voice

Of heartfelt longing

Of daring to race against the wind

While the opposing voices

Wail in delight

Do not go –

Do not try –

Do not…

But their voices

Pop disjointedly

And the voices

That I carry in my heart

Trot with boundless energy

Their baseless arguments

Fall on deaf ears

I shall yet go –

I shall yet try –

I shall…

And there ends the argument.


© Sumyanna 2016


Beautiful earth image courtesy of


I hope to post a new prompt some time this week 🙂


Writing at it’s best:  Other Writers Take on the Prompt

Excellent write by Leigha Robbins: In a Different League

Wonderful prose piece by The Pissy Poet: The Mock ECG

Wonderful prose piece, by Serendipitous Web Life: Gonna Wanna Dance

Amazing poem by november child: Sizzling










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Poetic Responses – I’ve Been Prompted #6




I asked everyone to write for a list of ten words last week and didn’t hear anything, but I thought I’d share that yes, I have finally written again for the prompt.  It took me a while, not that I had the previous poem in my mind at the time – but the words were not always easy to formulate an idea this time.  However, once I finally stopped making excuses and sat down to write, I am very glad I tried it again.


Here is the list, in case you have missed it:



I am certain – that if I were to do this list many, many times – each poem would have its own identity.  I love that about prompts.  Whether attempted by different people or even the same person in different places and a different mentality when sitting down to write – the poem takes on its own form, guided by the chosen words.


This time, you will notice – I wrote using all of the words, except hop.  I could have put it into the poem, but it would have taken away from the poems purpose, I think.  So – here is my second attempt at the words.  Feel free to join in if you are inspired to do so.  Just share the link to your post in the comments.  Should you be passing my page for the first time, you can look at the previous poem I had written for this prompt here.


Sometimes, we feel

We are stuck in a box

Sides folded in –

And we can barely see

Outside their massive walls

Sometimes – those boxes

Are ones we impose on ourselves

Perhaps to protect

Perhaps to shelter ourselves

From the growing numbness

The disconnect

That we often feel

And sometimes – they are walls

Built mightily high

By everything else.

We call out

With all of our hope

Our fears looming large

In the distance

And our words

Go seemingly unheard

Until, hoarse

From all our soulful longing,

We lay voiceless

And spent.

We have company,

You know –

If you think of it

For just the same,

There are others who

Peer over their boxes too

Wondering the pricey toll

That self-sacrifice

Stamps upon our weary heads.

Is it enough –

To just seal the sides?

Seek refuge in a lid?

But our hearts

Continue to wrap themselves

Around the greater good

For how can one take

Another sincere breath

Without caring

About what is

Outside of ourselves?

Yes, we are weary

From the fight

And though our backs

Are slumped

From momentary fatigue,

We join hands

And know there’s more

Than a grain of truth

In “together we can overcome.”

Though the world

May flatter itself

With sugar-coated promises

And an overt desire

To conquer at any price –

Our souls are not meant

To be sold.


(c) Sumyanna 2016



A grand thanks to my dear friend Seema, who has taken up the challenge.  Please see where the words took her in her wonderful write: Before Her Love


Another amazing write for the prompt by Senendipitous Web Life.  What an enjoyable read!



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Are You Up for the Challenge? I’ve Been Prompted #6



I actually used to do this often – once a week at least.  However, recently the fever has died down and I think I want to revive it 🙂  What are they, you ask?  Prompts – plain and simple, writing prompted by a  list of 10 words.  I usually just do these myself, but when I offer others in on the fun – they really enjoy it.


Here are the rules.  I am going to give you ten words:


Feel free to write a poem, a short story, or prose piece for this prompt and let me know.  I will share your link here.  At a minimum, try to include at least 3 of the words.  The more you use, the more the words guide you poem in a different direction than you would normally go.  Let go of your comfort zone and let the words tell a story!


I think the best thing about these prompts is that when others do them – you see how our different our point of view, our experiences, and who we are, shines through our poems.  Each poem written is different than the rest and therein lies the beauty!  So get out your trusty pen and see what you can make of these words.  The following is a poem I wrote when I first challenged myself with this prompt.  I will also try to write again for the prompt and see where the words take me!


She Believed in Me

Grandma’s voice
Could be heard
From the kitchen,
Sugar, come here”
And I ran toward her
Full force
Seeking the warmth
Of her arms
I hop into her lap
With youthful endurance
She winces, but smiles
That voiceless recognition
That growing old is never easy
And I did not understand.
Time has stolen
Much of my time with her
She died when I was young
But I remember our conversations
I remember the way
She held my gaze
Took me in
And encouraged my gifts
With loving hands
And patient heart
She is here –
Her overt acceptance
Of everything me
Has held me together
Held me in
And allowed me to grow
Beyond the box
I would have been put in.
For some
Would seem
A pricey gesture
For the time it takes
To be sincere
Goes against the grain
Of what most folk
Find acceptable
It is not that others
Do not enjoy the company
Of children
But they often
Don’t have time
To join them in their dreams.

© Sumyanna 2016


Seema, one of my great online friends and writers has taken up the challenge.  Please check out her work on her blog: Life’s Hues


Another amazing write for the prompt by Senendipitous Web Life.  What an enjoyable read!


What an amazing read!  Excellent poem by Milka Akinloye.  Thank you!