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Flaccid, a poem

These days, it is all too common to hear of violence against people just based on the color of their own skin.  A long time ago, I somehow assumed that the world had gotten better – that these types of things no longer occurred.   Obviously, I lived on the wrong side of town, because my view had been skewed.  We see it now all over the internet.  For all those children without fathers, for all those parents without sons – I pray that things will change.


How do you explain
To a child
That their father
Is never coming home
That he shall no longer
Carry them on his back
That he shall no longer
Bury them in kisses
Nor hold their hand
When the night is cold and dark
That he shall never
Assure them
That their fears
Are just that –
And what if
Their fears are
That it’s just not safe out there –
For the color of their skin
Is a death sentence
And their last breath
Shall be untimely –
And displayed
Across the vast horizon
Of cyberspace
And despite what we see
We are told – it isn’t?
What future
Do we grasp
With our own hands
So tightly
That our grasp, over time,
Has become flaccid?
And when we are finally
Brave enough to open our hands
We see that nothing is left?

© Sumyanna 2016

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Broken-Hearted Whispers, When Others Turn Their Backs

broken (2)


Often, people assume

you wear the wearied shoulders

of one who is downtrodden,

that what they see

when they look in your face

is a resignation to all that they “see.”

Have they not yet realized

that their eyes wear blinders

and perhaps their hearts

will never see the beauty

in the rush and roar

of blood that courses

through veins not like their own

whether by race,


social status

or color of skin.

Their blindness is chosen,

woven into

the daily narrative of their lives

and they parade among themselves

in the streets

flaunting their lack of vision

daring those

that are “less worthy”

to see it too.

They speak words that,

were they turned inside out

and returned

they would rage in fury

but because they are right –

they sleep just fine.

They lash out

flailing their arms

demanding justice, demanding a fight

demanding that they are justified

to usurp another’s rights

because who is more worthy

than they?

And sadly, they don’t see

the blinders

have gotten in the way –

their words and actions

speak loudly

of who they are,

and how they believe –

not me.


© Sumyanna 2017


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