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Guiding Light, rhymed poetry

Quite a while ago, I mostly wrote only in rhymed poetry.  For me, I was a stickler for well-rhymed poems.  I could not enjoy forced rhyme.  So, if a rhyme did not work… instead of just using it as-is, I would have to work to make a new rhyme which often changed the original intent of the poem.  There’s beauty there for sure… I actually find this poem rather lovely.  The problem is, sometimes we outgrow our skin and have to shed our old ways to find new ways to share our beauty.


I guess the problem is – that when I write rhymed poetry (even for kids), I start to rhyme all the time in my head.  I cannot turn it off.  I even start to yell at the kids in rhyme (and know – that is not on purpose).  Yeah, they laugh at me when I do that.  Just think if Dr. Seuss had the same problem… how interesting life would have been for him 🙂  Also, I find it incredibly difficult to move from one form of poetry to another – if I rhyme… I stay in rhyme and if I don’t, rhyme does not come as easily.


Anyway – here is one of many rhymed poems I have written… just in case you wondered if I could do it 😉


lighthouse (2)


Come follow me

in the pale moonlight

when waters rage

above the sea

and waves shall crash

upon rocky shore

where the water’s fury

could bury thee.


Yet, hold my hand

I’ll lead the way

no, not because

I am upright,

for none endure

each breath of life

with faultless beauty

against the night.


But two together

and maybe more

shall find their way

upon these waves.

and though it seemed

that all was lost

they found each other

not watery graves.


So when in darkness,

share your light

you never know

where it may lead

no matter the waves

that rage below

outstretch your hand

to those in need.


© Sumyanna 2015


Just like the lighthouse, in the middle of a storm – guiding stray boats to safety, may we always find ways to share our light with others so they can find their way to wherever it is they need to be.


This poem was part of a collection of poems I put together to share my love of poetry with children (adults are also welcome!) on StoryBird.  For anyone who is interested in seeing it… here is the link:  Nature’s Beauty by Sumyanna

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