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The Value of Little Things, a poem

little things (2)


She crouches
near the water’s edge,
bare feet hug
the smooth edge
of large rocks
they feel cool
beneath her feet
though the day is warm.
She crouches
in the shadows of trees
that overhang the river
and she waits
while her water jug fills.
Slow, is the process –
but it allows for silence
it allows for her thoughts
to find a place
and she wonders…
what is her place?
and is there more beauty
than what she has seen?
She wonders, does it matter
for sometimes beauty lies
where one finds himself content.
Ever reaching –
there is a silence
that cannot be filled
there is a need
that cannot be reached
you are always hungry
you are always waiting
for that next step
and you cannot find solace
in the little things,
for the small moments
are always overshadowed
by your dreams.
She finds a lesson in this –
no, not to fail to reach
not to fail to dream,
but to hold on tightly
to every moment
to savor with eager tongue
the foods of life she is given.
Reach – yes,
to always realize
that sometimes the beauty
is found in the reach
it was never only meant
to be found in the aim.

© Sumyanna 2016


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