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Tending My Own, a poem



It seems rather selfish

To take the time

To preen your own

To meld the inner workings

With silk instead of cotton

To tie the loose ends

And unravel the knots,

But sometimes life

Requires the cultivation of silence

And more often than not,

It requires you to live.

I feel not guilty

To not rush across

The pastures of my days

I shall stay awhile

Tending the wounds

Mending the scars

and cherishing the bloom

before the blossom.

Harvest time shall come

I trust

I should not worry

And those who care,

Shall reap what I sow

For thankfulness

Is measured in abundance.

So for now,

I shall live

I shall breathe

And when a

Quiet moment exists

When I can share

My gentle breaths

Upon the canvas

You shall find me here

Exposing my thoughts

Painting the horizon

And believing that

A life best lived

Is always shared

With those you love.


© Sumyanna 2017

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On Death and Living, a poem

Sometimes, I am enticed by an image to write a poem, to see a story, or to imagine their voice.  Perhaps it is something there that I see, or perhaps it never was present.  Perhaps it is a tale of lies, or perhaps there are thoughts burning with in me, begging release, and they take on new life through the view of this character.  To say that I know which one is which, is most probably a lie.  To say it might be a little of all of them… might just be closer to the truth.  Here, I share with you the images and its inspiration.  Enjoying the muse…





She watched

in the silence of morning,

while others slept,

and contemplated

the fruits of growth

and her own thoughts

of beauty.

All those around her,

once carried dreams

and whispered hopes…

she still clung to hers

in moments of uncertainty

in moments where she is stretched

and forced to grow

before she is ready.

She fears sometimes,

the change required.

She watches others grow

beyond their stretch of time

withered, they stand

testament to

the truth that we all know

in time, there will be

an end

for all of us.

Yet it does not cure

the ache,

the desire she has

to live.

She realizes that

some things are


but the moment


breeds within her veins

the desire to touch the sky

to caress the warmth of dusty earth

to cry tears in longing for another day.


her time shall come

and her breath will be her last,

but she refuses to take a pause

or a moment

to worry or reflect on her fears

for she wants to go out

the way she came in…



© Sumyanna 2017









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Losing Elasticity, a poem



I wish that I could

smooth the skin

unruffle the feathers

and ease my way in

more quietly

through life

so as if not

to tread

on other’s footsteps

to not sing along

with a tune

without knowing the words

and so that I

cannot see

the disappointment

in your face

nor trace the tears

when I cannot do

what my soul

is not ready for.

I breathe

and I breathe deep

the sound of rushing windmills

(madly whirling)

rushes through my ears

and I feel

the very traces of my soul

expanding with every breath.

It is not enough –

to see…

to do…

but to live

like wildfire

eating up the plains

with voracious appetite.

And sometimes the call

is not the one

I had in mind,

it does not speak

in whispered witness

the depths of my heart’s longing

no matter how hard I try.

And when I stretch –

I feel the hem’s release

the stitching unravel

and my true self haunts

the shadow

of who I am trying to be

it is not easy,

being unfaithful

to one’s heartfelt promise

nor is it easy

to maintain truths


to the blood in my veins.

So I decline,

wipe my own tears

and hope that I am understood

nor for what I wouldn’t do

but for what I strongly believed.


© Sumyanna 2017


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Portraits Poetry Series #68: Upon Our Chance Meeting

In case you haven’t been here before, I love writing prompts – whether a list of words, one word, or even an image.  With these posts, I have written poems specifically about paintings and I hope, with my words, you see the scene just as visibly in your heart and mind as if you had seen the image itself.


Portraits Series

I remember that day
Working the fields
In the vineyard
I was alone
And the heat of the day
Set in
Too tired and lazy to walk,
I sat along the row
Shielded by grapes
Hanging on curling vines
And ate.
It was a peaceful lunch
And I was lost in my thoughts
Yet the not so subtle scent
Of bug spray
Still lingered.
I could hear
Flies buzzing
Bees humming
And the sound
Of a million crickets
I was alone
Or so I thought,
Until I saw him.
He seemed puzzled
Standing there
I could almost touch –
But I dared not
Could not –
I did not want
To spoil the moment
And the white-tailed deer
Just stood there
As amazed as I
And just as uncertain.
Should I move?
Should I breathe?
Should I pretend that I don’t see?
I was all too scared
The moment would pass
Too quickly.
I sat, sandwich forgotten
The heat of the day
Beat upon my back
But little did I care
I just watched
And waited
And at last,
He turned
Effortlessly leaping
Through the field
And beyond my sight
Tail flicking behind him.
And somehow, though,
We have only passed
Each other once,
I still feel the beauty
Of his curious gaze.

© Sumyanna 2016

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I Did Not Choose the Words, but the Words Chose Me (a poem)



I have come


while words

loom about me

and dance upon the page.

The sages speak…

you have not said enough,

you have not sung your hymn

with familiar tune,

and your syntax belies

the depths of poetic countenance.

Why fail ye – poet?

What do you bother

to tread this path?

We can tell ye how to speak,

which rhythmic tone to lilt your lines,

and how to make your daily speech

much more complex.

Is it not enough

that I breathe in air?

That I slowly linger

as I exhale?

That I thoroughly enjoy

all the moments,

the pauses,

and the stillness

in between?


is like the silent song

that is whispered

across your soul

It begs for you

to learn the words,

speak their cadence,

and whisper in honest echo

“I recognize the beauty that you speak”

for now, I speak them too.


© Sumyanna 2017


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Learning to Find Myself in the Silence, a poem



I have ridden

the sheltered sound of silence

draped myself

in the cloak of solace

washed my feet

in the shores

of thoughtful contemplation

and I have come into myself –

a little more.

I have come to find

my thoughts

a little less muddled

perhaps unpressured,

by the sands of time dripping

and the thoughtless dash

from one hurried task

to the next

I have rested my soul,

found new goals,

and polished others.

There is something

to be cherished

in the sound of one’s thoughts

often burdened by the noise

droned out

and drowning

where you no longer can afford

to tune yourself in

for life requires

that constant push forward

but we crave that silence still.

Or perhaps it is just me,

longing to be romanced

by that lilting tune

so I can contemplate the purpose

that rides beneath my veins

and I can adjust my sails

to bring me back home.


© Sumyanna 2017


Beautiful image taken in California.



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Finding the Courage to Shine, a poem



Silent star,

it is as if I understand

your wistful conversation.

I hear the yearning

in the accented syllables

of your speech,

The verbs with which

you shape your sentences

in the trill of your r’s,

in your redolent display

much like a jewel

in the darkened sky –

you are a beacon

leading me home.

I have memorized

the lyrics of your passage

and your vocabulary hums

beneath my chest.

All too soon,

you shall fade again

but I shall be waiting.

You are a promise kept

and as I witness

your nimble dance,

I finally understand

that just as your silence

speaks to my soul,

I must seek to find

the shine within my own heart

and the beauty of my purpose.

May I find within myself

the bravery and confidence

to share my radiance

with those that pass me by.


© Sumyanna 2017


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Above All the Noise, a poem




I don’t know if I should have

seen it coming –

like a freight train

in perfect view,

racing toward my muddled form

and yet I still stand there,

frozen –

as if I have nowhere else to go.

My breaths reek

of my own impermanence

each one a stilted moment

crawling across the page

of my own history

is it now

is it now

is now – the end?

And somewhere along the way,

I lost my own significance

for though I’ve been warned,

it somehow fell

from my front pocket

tumbled down the stairs

to its own impending gloom

to some obscure place and time

where I shall never find it.

So I stop and listen

I breathe,

I breathe in deep –

and though this is my story,

I still am not finished

narrating this tale.

No matter where I go

or what I do

I shall spin the words,

even if all the world

suppresses sound.

I shall whisper,

so as not to wake

the silence

that has crept

upon the meandering hillside.

I shall whisper,

so that only those

who care to hear

shall hear me above all the noise.


© Sumyanna 2017


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Never the Same, a poem



I am not going

to be the same


nor am I the same

I was last week

for I strive

I strive

to be the woman

I deserve to be.

Stretching –

beyond the hurt

reaching –

beyond what many see

this is me

this is me


from the wounds

my love no longer bound

to other’s limitations

I shall grow

I shall be

and someday, I shall find me.


(c) Sumyanna 2017


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Guiding Light, rhymed poetry

Quite a while ago, I mostly wrote only in rhymed poetry.  For me, I was a stickler for well-rhymed poems.  I could not enjoy forced rhyme.  So, if a rhyme did not work… instead of just using it as-is, I would have to work to make a new rhyme which often changed the original intent of the poem.  There’s beauty there for sure… I actually find this poem rather lovely.  The problem is, sometimes we outgrow our skin and have to shed our old ways to find new ways to share our beauty.


I guess the problem is – that when I write rhymed poetry (even for kids), I start to rhyme all the time in my head.  I cannot turn it off.  I even start to yell at the kids in rhyme (and know – that is not on purpose).  Yeah, they laugh at me when I do that.  Just think if Dr. Seuss had the same problem… how interesting life would have been for him 🙂  Also, I find it incredibly difficult to move from one form of poetry to another – if I rhyme… I stay in rhyme and if I don’t, rhyme does not come as easily.


Anyway – here is one of many rhymed poems I have written… just in case you wondered if I could do it 😉


lighthouse (2)


Come follow me

in the pale moonlight

when waters rage

above the sea

and waves shall crash

upon rocky shore

where the water’s fury

could bury thee.


Yet, hold my hand

I’ll lead the way

no, not because

I am upright,

for none endure

each breath of life

with faultless beauty

against the night.


But two together

and maybe more

shall find their way

upon these waves.

and though it seemed

that all was lost

they found each other

not watery graves.


So when in darkness,

share your light

you never know

where it may lead

no matter the waves

that rage below

outstretch your hand

to those in need.


© Sumyanna 2015


Just like the lighthouse, in the middle of a storm – guiding stray boats to safety, may we always find ways to share our light with others so they can find their way to wherever it is they need to be.


This poem was part of a collection of poems I put together to share my love of poetry with children (adults are also welcome!) on StoryBird.  For anyone who is interested in seeing it… here is the link:  Nature’s Beauty by Sumyanna

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