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The Bloody Pages of Yesterday’s News, a poem

Senseless gun violence these days, is sadly, nothing new.  I wrote this poem a year ago for one of those sad events, but the words still ring true today.  So sad to see this as the main means for people to show their discontent.




I am tired of us

writing our history

on the bloody pages

of yesterday’s news

where thirst for blood

and dividing lines

creates more thirst

for blood

and dividing lines.

Day after day

our children

must live in fear

for when

will it be our turn

to bleed out in the streets

for when

will it be our turn

to be the means to seek justice

despite that we live peacefully

and we

wear not the shame

that others

sadly drape

across their backs.

You can see it

when you look

into the eyes of others

the fear

the concern

the holding back

they are worried

the man, standing next to them

is worried

and in truth,

we are all worried.

Our thoughts speak –

when will injustice touch me

when will I exchange

a name for another number

another one down

another one down

mark it all up to

senseless tragedy

it matters not the reason.









to always fear

what will happen next –

with all the beauty

that surrounds us

on all sides.

Our anger becomes

the ugliness

that seeps within

and when will we understand?

But someone else

puts another bullet

into the chamber

and thinks that

they’ll receive justice

but they too

are the injustice

that roams about the land.


(c) Sumyanna 2016


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The Heartbroken Crawl Toward Justice, a poem

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Sometimes, I feel

the brokenhearted crawl

toward justice

footsteps on wet pavement

as the guttural sound of loss

rumbles in the streets.

Another one gunned down

Another one on the ground

while witnesses steal themselves

behind shuttered walls

hidden from view.

I did not see…

I did not see nothing

is the current wail

amid the sound

of victims crying

the gurgling sound

as they choke

on their last breaths,

until there is silence

amid the roar of passing cars

across dirty streets.

The sirens wail in the distance

they cannot fail to find the victim

surrounded now by passersby

whispering innuendos

beneath yellowed streetlights.

The strong arm of the law

looks in all directions

every looming shadow

requires a dissection

as if you are guilty

by the sin that made you

find home upon these streets.

Another one gunned down

Another one on the ground

while witnesses steal themselves

they look in the other direction

pretend they did not see.

And some may see them –

walking around

acting tough

acting loud –

you don’t scare me

but deep inside,

their heart cries for justice

but next time,

it could be me…

The resounding wail

begins to repeat itself –

I did not see…

I did not see nothing.


© Sumyanna 2017
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