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Finding Significance in Ten Random Words, A Poem and a Challenge



For some years now, I have found that prompts are capable of elevating my poetry.  It is not to say that I can’t write without them – but prompts have this wonderful capability of making me step outside of my own shell and see through the eyes of others or see a scene I normally would not be focusing on.  I find great freedom, as well as growth, from this.  Having the prompt of the day for The Daily Post be the word ten, reminded me that I have not been doing these prompts often enough.


So, I give to you today my take on 10 random words, as well as a challenge – what can you come up with for those words?  For those of you who have not done this before, use a minimum of 3 words.  However, you will notice that the words shape the writing a lot more when you try to use all of them.  You do not have to write poetry, but can also feel free to write prose, a short story, really – anything.  I look forward to seeing what you can come up with.  Just share your link in the comments section and I will also add a link in the post itself.  Here’s the word list:




And here’s where I found significance in 10 random words today:


Beyond Winter


You know,

The icy stare of winter

Shall soon diminish

It too, shall fade

Along with the declining reach

Of plump, gray clouds

That once crawled slowly

across the aching sky.

Soon, I shall be towering

Over the garden gates

Seeking the scent of lilacs,

The full blushed kiss

Of the delicate anemone

The humble grandeur

Of hyacinth and morning glory.

I want to witness

The early morning prayer

Of Virginia bluebells

And breathe

the soothing scent of Jasmine.

I want to be held captive

By the momentous craftsmanship

Of water lilies raising their weary heads,

Come morning.

There are moments like this,

Always in this season

Where the cold, the gray,

the infertile fields stretch forth

and I dream, I dream of this…

I beg the gardener

To plant the seed

To sew the rows

To carry this imperfect burden

Towards beauty’s release.

My soul demands this need

to listen to the silent whisper

of spring breezes

between the garden gates

where I hear the harmonious sound

of buzzing bees

and trace the elegant sashay

of butterfly and hummingbirds.

I hear their joyful noises

And I know this much is true

This is where my heart finds peace

This is where I belong.


© Sumyanna 2016


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Written for The Daily Post Prompt: ten


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Are You Up for the Challenge? I’ve Been Prompted #8


I’m going to try something new this week and only post the prompt.  This way, I give myself a week to respond and find how to weave the words into a poem.  Sometimes this process is quick and other times, it takes a while.

Why do I do this challenge?

First of all, I have to say I do this for me.  I usually do this type of prompt from time to time to stretch my writing skills.  To write about yourself or your feelings (in my opinion only) is easy.  To give life to a poem that contains none of that take a bit more practice.  However, I have found that even my own “feeling” poems, when I write them – benefit from this practice greatly.

The interesting thing is, writing for a set of words changes the stage.  You no longer have to come up with an idea, but you have to take an idea that is already there and perhaps even those ideas are not cohesive and give it life.  In the end, I find it a challenge and a fun one at that.  So while I post these and ask for participation, I am not going to stop doing this any time soon.  If people want to join in – that’s great, but this exercise is also for me and I hope that sharing what I come up with helps you see how this process works.  Perhaps you will find yourself longing to do the same.

What is the challenge?

Write a poem, prose piece, or short story (really anything you like – even art would be awesome) using the ten words posted below.  Allow the words to guide you and try to find a common theme or story that you can wind around them.  It is really a wonderful practice.  You do not have to use all 10 words, but try to use at least 3.  If you find a word like “dance” does not work, but “danced” does, by all means – be flexible with yourself.  This is all about learning to be creative 🙂

Should you share in this challenge, you will be amazed at how different our voices, our viewpoints, and our journey will be.  To me, that is the most fascinating part of this.  I have even taken words at times and written another poem later and the poem takes on a different life than the one I had previously written.

Want to join in?

If you decide to join in, by all means share.  Leave a link to your page in the comments and if you do write – try to leave a link on your page here, so others may join in.  If you choose not to join in, I promise not to hold it against you 🙂  This is just “my thing” well, I guess it would be more accurate to say “one of my things” and I appreciate you putting up with the quirkiness that is me.

Here are the words:


I will post my poem later in the week (I hope) unless I get too busy, but it will be soon!

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Finding Meaning in Words: euneirophrenia



Another prompt – this time a word I have never seen before.  Not so easy it rolls off the tongue, but I am happy with the poem I wrote for it.  Who knew words could be so fun?  I will try to do these from time to time (just to keep things interesting) 🙂




The World is Calling Me Back From My Dreams

Euneirophrenia whispers
In the heart of morning
Where shadows play upon the grass
And trickles of light dance upon the sidewalk
I close my eyes and I –
Am bathed its beauty, gathered in its warmth
I can hear the sounds or morning merriment
Children in the fields, at play
Dancing among the wildflowers
The tall growing grasses
That hover over their shadows
Birds, high up in the trees
Sing to me as I dream
I am awake – yet asleep
And the moment intoxicates my spirit
I hesitate between breaths
Yearning to tarry longer,
But I know that I must leave
For the world is calling me back from my dreams.

© Sumyanna 2016