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Daily Post Photo Challenge: Moments Spent in Love


This week’s Daily Post Picture Prompt is relax.  I hate to say I did not depart too far from the image they shared themselves, it was a lovely cat picture.  But for me, these photos were an obvious pick.



About a month or so ago, a beautiful young cat came into our lives.  It was all by accident, or was it?  See, some of the family (including myself) are allergic to cats, but was also love them to pieces.  We have never owned one as a family (I have had many years ago) and some of the kids have never even petted one before.


My daughter went out one night to get something from the van.  She got inside and was looking around when someone else joined her in the van – a cat.  The cat actually just jumped in and started meowing.  We had never seen her before and my daughter was excited.  After all this time, it seems that my oldest is the cat’s favorite person.  She scratched her behind the ears and there began a wonderful relationship.


Flash forward to today – we have learned some things about the cat.  From what I can tell, it seems that she was a house cat and was abandoned somewhere in our neighborhood.  While she has no owners, many people in the neighborhood are taking care of her – giving her food, etc.  She is still easily frightened and does not get too close.


Now, how in the world does that tie into relaxing?  I cannot explain why – but this little girl has just melted our hearts.  There are few times when she allows us to pet her, but most of the time she is easily scared away if we try to get too close.  Odd, isn’t it?  Since she actually begs to come in the house every time to visit.


When we open our front door – and if she is nearby, she will race with maddening speed to our door.  At the same time, we always look out the window with the hopes of spotting her.  We look forward to her visits, even if she does not allow us to pet her.  Sometimes she only comes to eat and then leaves – but she fills our hearts with such love.  It is so odd that we actually now buy cat food, even though we “don’t own” a cat 🙂


We opened the door:




You might ask – why don’t you take her in?  The problem is, while she does come and ask to be petted at times, she does not seem to trust anyone enough to be owned.  She comes and goes as she pleases.  The other problem is, we still have some with allergies which aren’t as bad since she only visits, but would get worse if she lived here.  So, we are stuck – loving each other from a distance.





When I think of something relaxing – I think of it as moments spent in love.  Whether it is when I am writing, or taking photographs, visiting with this beautiful cat, or just spending time with someone – this is where I find my heart most a peace.  And although this beauty will never know how much she means to us, I wanted to share her importance with you.




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