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Earth’s Beauty Should Not Be Overlooked, Nor Should it Be Taken for Granted…

The earth… it is not only our home, but it is truly a beautiful expanse of such diversity and intricacy.  Despite many of us being tourists of this great planet, perhaps in some way we are discoverers ourselves, there is so much untouched, unexamined beauty here.  There is no way to touch upon every of her amazing qualities.  Were you to take photographs – it would not be enough.  Were you to paint her horizons – it would not be enough.  Were you to write poetry upholding her beauty – it would not be enough.

And the more I learn, the more I know there is more to learn.  The more I see, I realize that there is so much more that is possible to be seen.  To me, it is utterly amazing that others don’t always see it that way.  Of course, business interests perhaps trump any loftier goals.  Who knows?  All I do know is that we need to do something to protect this beautiful place called home.  If we do not, that we are not deserving to live upon it.  We have no respect, not only for what we have been given, but also for what we will someday pass down to our later generations.

The Daily Post Photographic Prompt was Earth this week, in celebration of Earth Day.  So today, I share with you photos of some of the beautiful stretches of earth that I have been fortunate enough to walk upon.  I can only say one thing, I have never felt more at peace with myself than when I am outdoors in nature.  What I worry is, what will people be able to turn to later down the road?  Will they only celebrate the ways we once lived by seeing antiquated photos while donning gas masks?  We have already seen the repercussions of looking away and pretending it is not a problem.  Question is, how much longer can we afford to look away?

01 (2)

Aspen3 (2)

Reflections (2)

canyon01 (2)

lyons01 (2)

lakewalk01 (2)

P1010006 (2)

P1010032 (2)

P1010037 (2)

P1010034 (2)

Reflections02 (2)

WP_20140419_13_01_44_Pro (2)

P1010052 (2)

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20 thoughts on “Earth’s Beauty Should Not Be Overlooked, Nor Should it Be Taken for Granted…

    1. Thank you very much Rose Elaine. No worries, I am more than happy to see you here 🙂 Hope you have a beautiful day there, enjoying your lovely view. It is slowly getting greener here.

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    1. Thank you. I am just fortunate to be able to see these things, truthfully. It is a blessing. So true… if only we open our eyes before it is too late. I fear those who make decisions don’t really care about those things…

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