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A Walk Through the Garden is Just What I Need (Post #1)

Yes, a walk through the garden is just what I need. At the start of the pandemic, we were able to go walking in the evenings. Though it was dark, you cannot mistake the beauty of nature – the smell of the trees, the scent of jasmine, the rush of hares after being spotted on people’s lawns. It wasn’t perfect, mind you – I’d love to stroll a lush garden, see the vibrant colors, smell the roses – but that just hasn’t been possible.

Now I don’t know about everyone else, but we live in a pretty decent state. People have, for the most part, been wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. However, the numbers of Coronavirus cases lately have been going up – this pretty much coincided with people getting back to school. Fortunately, the two older girls are doing college coursework from home. Both of their college campuses have been relying more on online learning with some classes held in person, but all of their classes (fortunately) have been online.

I know I’ll get the odd stare or the roll of the eyes, but since the beginning of all this – I have been trying my best to keep everyone safe. My youngest daughter, when she was younger, had bloodwork once that showed that she had low immunity. Despite a few different attempts (thinking that her lowered immunity might have something to do with foods she was eating), each time they tested her, her immunity was low. So yes, call me a pain in the backside, but I have been taking this seriously. And no, that is not an apology.

I know that other people have different opinions – and that’s fine. It’s not like I can convert anyone’s way of thinking – but for people like my daughter, we have no choice. So yes, it saddens me when people refuse to wear a mask. It saddens me when people don’t realize – that no matter how invincible they may feel – our actions affect other people, whether we know it or not. If we do not care about the impact of our actions in a great time of need like today – how can we ever hope to make this world a better place in the future?

Well, I digress. I really don’t want to go into the debate on this one – but I guess I was just setting up the idea that because of everything going on, we were relegated to only walking in the evenings. We knew it was important for our physical and mental health but when we tried walking during the day, there were crowds at the parks and in the neighborhood, people not wearing masks would just whisk by you at any moment. It wasn’t easy.

Then came the wildfires. We fortunately live far enough away from them, but the smoke has been pouring into our city and making things difficult. Some days, you open the back door to take in some fresh air and it seems as though your neighbor is burning his house down. We have had ash cover our deck and cars and the air quality has been bad for months. Now Asthma runs in my family, but fortunately for me – I have only suffered from it mostly in pregnancy. I should also add that I grew up in a home where both adults unabashedly smoked pack after pack of cigarettes – way before it was “proper etiquette” to smoke outside. They smoked in the house, in the car with all windows rolled up tight. That’s just the way things were. Thank goodness, no one smokes anywhere near me now!

So, I’m not sure if that is why I am suffering more or if it is just the Asthma – but I have had issues breathing and it has also affected my sleep. At some point, I got anxious about sleeping – I would fall asleep and then my body would wake itself again immediately. Fortunately, things have been improving – and I am finding things that work for me. But still, it has been a trying time because the air quality had not improved in months – there has not been one day that I said, “I can go outside today.” So as a person who relieves all their stress by being in nature – it has been difficult.

First of all, I want to say, if you can get outdoors, if you can breathe in fresh air, if you can take pictures of flowers or beautiful views – cherish those moments. You are blessed beyond words. And, if we further that thought – if we are not struggling in this great time of need (with Coronavirus), perhaps a thought towards someone who is struggling would be a good thing. Show a little thankfulness for all that you are blessed with.

So today, I am perusing my pictures from the gardens last year. I took my oldest daughter and we spent the entire day together, bowed over flowers and smiling. For some reason, when I returned home – I thought there weren’t any pictures that were worthy of sharing. Not entirely sure why, but more than a few have caught my eye today. I hope they bring you as much happiness as they have brought to me.

Hugs from my end of the world. I do care and hope that you are all doing well. We may only be blog owners passing one another from time to time – but I never try to take anything or anyone for granted. You matter to me and I am so glad that I have gotten the chance to get to know you.




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8 thoughts on “A Walk Through the Garden is Just What I Need (Post #1)

  1. I don’t see why you didn’t like these photos last year, they are beautiful! I have been in a similar situation being unable to get out and walk in nature. I certainly miss it. Here’s hoping the air clears soon and this terrible virus is eradicated. And big (((HUGS))) right back at you!

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    1. I don’t think it was that I didn’t like them. I’ve been experimenting a bit and trying to learn how to use the camera properly. Seriously – for every picture that turns out, many are too bright, too dark, too blurry. It’s hard learning sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚ I just put these aside and I guess I got busy and forgot to take a look at them to see if any came out. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed seeing them again – and how many actually turned out ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hey, just wanted to share – if you really ache for the outdoors (and this may sound crazy) you can look for virtual hikes or virtual exercise videos. It’s not exercising – but instead someone who made a video of a hike or used a drone to take video of nature. I have a treadmill and when I’m really missing the outdoors, I watch those videos while listening to something. It almost feels like you are outdoors yourself and makes me smile. I know – crazy – but we have to do what we can for our mental health. I also just bought a light therapy light. I was surprised it wasn’t that expensive. I just realized this year that it has been cyclical for me. I get a little more down than normal when its dark and dreary winter. I’m hoping these things will help. (((HUGS))) to you ALWAYS – so very well deserved and heartfelt.

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      1. Thanks, I really like the video idea. I hope the light therapy helps you. I have thought of doing that too, but I am a little skeptical that a light can boost your mood. Please let me know if it works and then I will hunt for a place to put one. You are so kind… (((HUGS))) to you as well!

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        1. The lamp we got was about $30. I’m not sure if there really is a huge difference between the different types. After buying mine, my daughter went and bought one for her desk and she seems to feel it makes a difference for her as well. I have come to realize that around fall and winter I always seem to have a bit more anxiety and I guess you would call it seasonal depression. I’m trying different things on my own to try to combat this – like using the lights, trying to make sure I exercise every day, trying to make sure I have healthy sleep. I’m not perfect everyday, but I find that every little thing that we do does make some difference. Obviously, this does not replace therapy or medicine – but I think that perhaps if we use all the tools we can find, we might be better off.

          Take care of yourself!

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          1. Thanks for the info on the light. I have been better about exercise as there is a therapy pool I have purchased a pass for and I try to make it twice a week for now. May move up to three times but not sure. Yeah we do what we can. You take care too!

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          2. Yes, I don’t know if it would work or not, but thought I’d mention it. The exercise definitely helps though – so glad you get a chance to take advantage of that.

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