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Dance of the Cosmic Jellyfish, a poem


Cosmic Jellyfish.  I saw an image of one of these beauties and just had to write. What a gorgeous creature!  Sorry, one of the pains of using my version of WordPress is that I cannot upload video.  You can see a rather amazing video of a Cosmic Jellyfish here:


Dance of the Cosmic Jellyfish

Her beauty
is all in the dance
in the gentle glide
upon unseen waters.
She leaves a trail of light,
then wisps away
leaving behind only darkness.
Her movements
are a whisper
of delicate appendage
the swoop down…
the hover…
the rising up…
I almost feel
I can hear
her silent breaths
the simple sigh
of letting go.
I wonder,
do she too, find solace
in her melodious
along the darkness?
Do she also recognize
the beauty of her soul?

© Sumyanna 2017


Beautiful image courtesy of





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