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Simpler Times, a poem

Today I didn’t think I’d get the chance to write – but a moment opened up, and here I am. So grateful to have found the words. This post is based on the Word of the Day Challenge – the word prompt being “vivid.” I hope you enjoy.

Simpler Times

I remember the days

at grandmother’s house,

visiting –

the entire summer.

Lazy days

happy days

full up

to the elbow days

in arts and crafts projects,

designing my own


learning how to sew,


and be a lady,

while she taught

home economics,

picking fruit

for canning

from the pear tree

in her back yard.

I remember the days

when similar houses

lined the streets,

none more well off

than the other,

well painted,

grass mown,

– welcoming.

The neighbors

always stopping

to say hello

as we took

our afternoon walk

and they actually

knew my name.

I remember

those days,

the memories

are vivid

more salient

more fresh

than what I’ve eaten

this morning –

the feeling of

true innocence

the genuine sincerity

of childhood

a time when


was simpler

more beautiful

and seemingly

more honest.

© Sumyanna 2020

Beautiful image courtesy of Pezibear on


Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

8 thoughts on “Simpler Times, a poem

    1. So very true – and more connected (as strange as that may seem to many). People are always saying, “I can’t call you” or “I can’t email you, but I can add you on Facebook. It seems odd to me – but I miss the days when we truly connected. Even people living in the same city are all communicating on Facebook.

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    1. Seriously – how our story of “what we did in the old days” changes so drastically as time passes. Funny thing is that kids always think you are much older than you are – you must have lived among the dinosaurs! Or, what did you do without a computer?!? Gasp! Gag! How could you live? How did you find out how to get somewhere?

      I still romanticize about the old days – way before my time, when you think things were simpler. However, I’m sure they had their share of troubles too.

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      1. I remember a few decades ago there was a huge ice storm in parts of eastern Canada and the NE US. Some areas were without electricity for a long time, and the Cdn army had crews going around to check on rural people especially. One day a jeep drove down this long country lane and the lieutenant banged on the door of an old farmhouse. When an elderly woman, the lone occupant, opened the door, she quickly assured them she was okay. Before leaving, the young man asked how long she had been without power… “85 years”.

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        1. Oh wow – now that’s something! I’ve met people here in the US who have purposefully lived off the grid. I admire it, but am too much of a wimp to do it myself. I have to admit I do like some of the comforts that come along with technology. Wonder how our viewpoint would change if we actually tried it for a while though.

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