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She is Only a Weed, a poem

I broke out of form and actually wrote two fourteen line poems today.  This one did not have a challenge attached to it, but it is more difficult for me to restrict lines in a poem, because I usually allow the poem to dictate its length.  Enjoy!


IMG_9352 (2)
She must falter, when the winds do blow
but she holds the reigns, holds the reigns tight
and with equal measure, she holds that smile
even when she feels it is improperly dressed upon her lips
despite the tears that want to find their voice among the leaning reeds
a solemn sound escapes their barren souls as wind brushes in through the trees
and she feels the emptiness course through her weary soul
the backs of trees lean beneath the weight, but she cannot afford to shed a tear
unless the rains do come, and as the torrents tear across the valley
she may shed a tear or two, hoping that they falter unrecognizable among the raindrops
for she is cognizant of watchful eyes and her poise requires a steadfast pose
the world shall demand of her nothing less than perfection
but the imperfect ways of her soul bleed within her veins and she can do nothing
she is only a weed growing beneath a beautiful landscape of perfect garden rows.

© Sumyanna 2017

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Spread Your Wings and Fly, a poem

Let your thoughts
touch the horizon
sway among the clouds
and grow –
as thoughts must do
upon fields of flowers
up-swept in imagination
Stretch your wings
and fly
where others
never thought possible
where your dreams
have wings
and your heart can fly.

(c) Sumyanna 2016

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Love is Romanced by Her Song, a poem


Lately I have been going through many of my older poems (many, many, many of which I have not shared here) and editing them.  It has been an enjoyable task – but I haven’t had the opportunity to work as much on new poems.  This poem was written for a dear friend and fellow-poetess back in 2015.  She writes lovely poetry, and it is just me – but I hate for words to be left unsaid.



She writes love

a love poem

with gentle words

and seductive lines

she hypnotizes

and love reels back,

bashful and shy.

The words repeat,

they sing a soulful song

a gently lullaby.

Another day,

brings another song

it’s a wonderful way

to begin.

Each moment

seeking beauty.

With true, feeling heart

she captures

the art of loving

across the page

she knows not why

the wind doth

whisper her name,

nor why nature

becomes tamer

in her presence,

but she walks in love

and the world around her

is never the same.


© Sumyanna 2015


Written for a dear fellow poetess, Chris Frazier

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Daily Post Prompt: Racing the Wind, A poem


She slipped out
To the forest
In the late afternoon
When the shadows
Grew longer
Across the dusty path.
You could hear
The rattle of wheels
As she raced with the wind
The cruiser handlebars
Wavered as she sped
Hands clenched tightly
You could see
The rise of dust
And she pedaled faster
Hair swept back in the wind
Her intent stare gazing ahead
And yet, so far away –
She felt free
Beneath the summer sun
Bare feet gripping
The pedals
A joyous laugh
Rose in her chest
Yes – in all of us
A young spirit
Strives to be free
To breathe
To rush in
Seeking the moments
When you let loose your grip
Shout with abandon
And race with the wind
She stops along the meadow
Leans her bike against a tree
And walks the often traveled path
Where wildflowers grew
Her daily pilgrimage
Had worn the lane
Yet the view still seemed
Pure and new
And with experienced hands,
She picked flowers
For the supper table
Their supple stems
Held by aging hands
Lush blossoms, deep orange
And tinged with fire
Slender green grasses
To complete the array
And she walked, alone
In silence
Back to the trail
Mounted her bike
Strongly intent on leaving
The same way she came
Full of life
Full of joy
Full of youth
Despite the graying hair
The slower step
The aging lines
But for a moment,
She stopped
One foot raised
Upon the pedal
The other standing firmly
Upon the dusty trail
Raising her chin
Over her shoulder
She looked back
Gazing where
She had just stood
But also seeing
Where she was
In youth –
Picking flowers
For the dinner table
Mama and papa waiting
On the porch step
The same joyous ride
Back home
Wind in her hair
Smile on her face
And she knew
That nothing
Had really changed
She still was the person
She always had been
Even in youth,
Just more refined
With time.

© Sumyanna 2016


Submitted for The Daily Post Prompt: lush

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I was just amazed by these posts on the same topic and had to share…

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Portraits Poetry Series #48: Dreams Could Not Live There

In case you haven’t been here before, I love writing prompts – whether a list of words, one word, or even an image.  With these posts, I have written poems specifically about paintings and I hope, with my words, you see the scene just as visibly in your heart and mind as if you had seen the image itself.


Portraits Series


There were times

When fragile woman

Had no choice –

She suffered silently

Beneath her shell

For there was

Nothing else –

To be a wife

Or to remain in embrace

With all that was chaste

And dreams just did not live there,

For they had no place

And you could not help

But silently trace

The wavering lines

Across her face

Of sorrows held

Beneath the beauty

For she had dreams

But dreams just could not live there.


What was left?

And how could she breathe?

To only accept this fragile race

Where value lies and value lay

In beauty etched upon her face

And how many children

Her womb could embrace

And dreams just could not live there.



There was a time

That It mattered not,

What were her dreams

For her culture often dictates this

And sometimes all we hope to embrace

Is decreed with haste in our very landscape

For what are dreams, but possibility

Lovingly swept across our space

And dreams just could not live there

…or did they?


© Sumyanna 2016

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Memories of the Dance, a poem



The old woman sat
Alone on the bench
And peered in the distance.
She watched leaves fall
Mid pirouette in the breeze
And she remembered
Movements like these –
Standing behind stage
As the curtain raised
And her arm’s delicate dance
As she entered, on cue
Tilted head
A wide smile
And her cousin, her shadow.
They had memorized the movements
Fluttering in the wind like leaves
Embracing the music
And giving the movements soul.
As she sits on the bench,
She remembers these moments
As if they are real
And she comes alive
In the movements
Of the dance
She raises her hand
Points her toes
And she is transported
To another place.
Although weathered by age,
She is beautiful
And full of grace
A leaf upon a tree
Begging release
Upon the wind.

© Sumyanna 2016


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Wounded Learning, A Poem



I stood there
Watching the fireworks display,
No, not in the foreground
But on the ground
Knees pulled up to my chin
Arms wrapped around me
Trying to keep out the cold.
The sun had not even gone down yet,
But there was cause for celebration
People in the street
Joined the excitement
Some dancing
Others singing to the tunes
Belted out by loudspeakers.
With all of this,
I could still drown out the sound
Almost slow it down
And place it gently
In the back of my mind
It was as if,
I was not really there at all.
I was used to that feeling
Being pushed back onto the sidelines
My new “friends” sat nearby chatting
Staring in my direction
Then glancing at one another
and laughter would ensue,
I was too tired to care.
There were parts of me
That wanted to run away
Escape the loneliness
That I felt in their company
The ostracism
The judgement
But I was told I must be a part of this.
The lights started to linger across the sky
And the night got darker.
Now, you could trace their ascent
And watch their fated demise.
I watched the display
Hugging myself tighter
Wishing there was somewhere to hide
Within myself, perhaps
No better way to escape
Than being right there
And each time those lights
Rose up in the sky
A part of me died
Among the oohs and aahs
Of everyone else
And yes, no one noticed.
Their mouths posed imitation smiles
As they looked in my direction
They clung together heavily
As if not knowing how to breathe
Except in tandem
It was then, that I knew
I would never have
Enough pride in myself
To wound another broken soul.

© Sumyanna 2017


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Always Beautiful, a poem


She’s a beauty that trembles
At the loss of light
And sometimes
This crazy world
Has just lost its sight
But the truth wants to whisper
From morning till night,
That beauty is –
And always will be
Beautiful, you see.

She’s a dazzling diamond
In a sea of dark coal
She’s a perfumed rose
With a depth of soul
And how she has struggled,
Nobody knows
But beauty is –
And always will be
Beautiful, you see.

And though she may feel
The strength of the tide
And in darker moments
She faltered and cried
The strength of her heart
Should yet fill her with pride
Because beauty is –
And always will be
Beautiful you see

So set yourself free.

© Sumyanna 2016


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