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A Butterfly Opens Her Wings (Take Seven Prompt), a poem

This post is inspired by the ever-mindful prompt – Take Seven by Pensivity101. This poem incorporates all 21 words for the prompt:

baggage, brave, butterfly, cherub, choice, colour, cover, crisp, flair, hurt, inoculate, instant, jab, meal, needle, paper, prim, scan, tap, true, twin.

I can not tell you how much fun I had writing this. It has been a while since I have done writing based on a list of words – and my, have I missed the challenge! Thank you so much to Pensivity101 for the thoughtful prompt.

A Butterfly Opens Her Wings

She walked in

with all

her emotional baggage

etched beneath her skin.

It suffocated

and sometimes

dragged her down,

but she resolved herself

to be brave,

because living

is a choice

she could not

take for granted,

not when others

she knew –

suffered more.

She tried her best

to flee from all the hurt

but its footsteps

quickly followed

and when she tried

to inoculate


within her heart,

the needle

could not jab

deep enough.

The color of

her blood,

a faded ash –


and forgotten.

So she chose to write

her soul

on paper

crisp, starched white

and the tap

finally exploded.

It was there

she forgot

the ways

of prim and proper,

instead, she decided

to stay determined and true.

It was as if,

she had finally

met her twin,

bolder and more courageous,

staring back at her

from an empty page

with all the flair

of a butterfly


spreading its wings.

She scanned the page

and it was as if,

she could find


again –

the wistful cherub

learning how

to walk again.

Now, she could

cover her childlike eyes

in times of terror,

she could determine

the meal

that she was fed,

and ensure

she was nourished

the instant

she had the need.

For in writing

the truths

and the pain

and the sorrow,

she was finally able

to breathe.

© Sumyanna 2020

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Writer of poetry and seeker of knowledge. I hope to inspire and be inspired by my words and the world around me.

10 thoughts on “A Butterfly Opens Her Wings (Take Seven Prompt), a poem

    1. Thank you Robbie. I know I’ve been seemingly hiding out – my admin pages haven’t worked for some time now so I couldn’t post or get into my account. I think I’ve figured things out. Thanks for stopping by! Have missed you.


      1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. There are two ‘wordle’ challenges I participate in, The Sunday Whirl hosted by Brenda Warren and The Mindlovesmisery Menagerie’s Wordle on a Monday. Both have a list of 12 words to weave into a story or poem. There are links to the sites in my posts should you wish to join in. Have fun!

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